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  1. Type in Grundy County Gis. .This web site has maps that if you click on the property number it high lights the property lines and the owner. Type in any county name in any state with gis and you get the same info. Land owner, lot size, address and where the tax bill is mailed. All the same information about you is on the county gis that you live in too. Bill Sheridan
  2. 2,629 acres has been purchesed in LaSalle County by the state. It is most of the land that was owned by the old Lone Star Cement Co. The land is now Buzzi Unicem. This land is on both sides of The Vermillion River and on the west edge of Matthiessen Park. This area includes Wildcat Rapids and Bailey Falls along with several ponds. It also includes the old pit along Rt 71 that is across the river from Ogesby. Bill Sheridan
  3. Buy a roof rack. I would suggest you stay away from the foam blocks unless they are placed as close to the front & back as possible. Your car roof will flex and after a year or so I think it will cause the liner to come lose. It feels like a fly is waking around on top of your head. It will make you crazy when are driving! Bill
  4. Waders if you wade spring and fall. Wading boots with felt soles Wet wading socks I got mine at Bass Pro Wading pants the thin nylon kind, they dont hold water and dry quick. Shirt depends on the weather Hat, sunglasses, bug spray sun tan lotion I think these items are needed on every trip. Everything else for fishing will be what you like to use. Bill S.
  5. Ryan did not go to prison soon enough or long enough. But dont forget the rest of the clowns in Springfield. They all got in on the action for Ryans " Build Illinois ". They all got their share to help spend us into bankrubcy. Most of them are still in office, and now they are telling us that they are fiscally responseble. Dont belive it!
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