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Anatomy of a Crawdad

Mike Clifford

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Mike, as a boy in Wisconsin, we used to catch those crayfish literally by the bucketful and we would then remove the muscle just posterior to the digestive gland and sperm duct (the tail) and mom would baste them with butter and broil for our version of poor man's lobster. "Mmmmmmm...... crawwwwwwdad......." :)

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Don ,


Don't quit your day job just yet , Comedy Central got the wrong number was all that happened .


Ken ,


Them 'dads from the Cal Sag was preseasoned , save money on the seasoning and buy more beer , us southsiders knew what was important .




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Well now I know is really in that Cajun Crawfish I've been slammin' down with a(several) beers.


If the smallies like them how can I complain?


Anuthr roond innkeepper! I gut a picher stuck und kneed tu warsh it dawn!

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