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Milkweed Silk

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Anyone ever use it? I just started playing around with it and and I think I kind of like it. The time is now to grab a pod or two. Plenty to play with from just one pod. I suggest handing it carefully and put a rubber band around the pod to keep the fluff inside. Tied up a Blockhead, dressed a hook for a lure, and had the idea of creating a Kishwaukee River organic fly, the Acorne Popper. IMG_9944.jpegIMG_9949.jpeg

puck a pod and have some fun! It would be interesting to see how the silk gets used.


Bring it!

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7 minutes ago, John Gillio said:

Wow! Never thought of milkweed silk. It looks like it could be a good substitute for feather fluff or maribou. I imagine it could be dyed too. The acorn popper is 🧐 interesting.

Also, yeah,  I don’t know how to dye anything but me thinks maybe cracking a closed pod and dying the entire thing, then let it dry? Sure would hate to do those things one by one. 😁

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