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Some questions about Tinkers Dam Menominee River Road Trip

Dick G

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Is there a deadline this year to sign up for the Tinkers Dam cabin? 

If the second week doesn't completely fill in, will it be cancelled? 

Will this be the last year of the ISA Road Trip to the Menominee? 

Is the ISA in discussions with the new owners about next year's  availability and possible rate increases?

If this is the last year, are there any possibilities of finding another place on the Menominee to rent in the future? 

I hope this outing can be kept alive. 

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Here are answers to your questions after reviewing these issues at the recent ISA Board Meeting.

  • If we have just a few open spots, people can sign up at the last minute.  Right now we have too many open spots for the second week.
  • We have a deadline of May 31 to determine whether we have to cancel the 2nd week. As it stands now, we would be cancelling the 2nd week.  We need members to sign up sooner rather than later.
  • We do not know what the new owner's long term plans are for Tinkers Dam.  I will be reaching out to them close to the event and find out if the cabin will be available next year. We want to continue this event.
  • If the ISA cannot rent the cabin next year, someone will need to do some leg work to find another alternative.  We would welcome of help of any members that would be interested in helping with the search process if that becomes necessary.

The takeaway from all of this is that we need members to sign up for the second week ASAP to keep the second week from being cancelled.





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Thanks for the update!

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I would encourage any members who have never been to Tinkers Dam on the Menominee River to take advantage of the second week openings. Your worst day of fishing up there will almost always include some quality fish. This smallie is typical of what you can catch. I caught this one right out the back door of the cabin. A beautiful stretch of river. IMG_3033.thumb.jpeg.6f68c9ef78e30ba461c1bf2f68c9c108.jpeg

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The value of this trip cannot be beaten. 3 nights at the Tinkers Dam cabin costs less than a single night at a motel. Plus, the location, right on one of the best stretches of the entire river literally right out the back door.  Within 15 minutes of the cabin are any and all amenities that you might need, grocery stores, restaurants or shopping. My favorite part is the camaraderie. Sharing the experience, and sitting around nighttime camp fires you will always remember. 

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I've done this trip 2 different ways and they were both very enjoyable. I did the hard core fishing way with the guys. Its not a big numbers section around the cabin but the average size, girth and fight on these smallmouth are exceptional.  I've landed 2 Brutus class smallmouth on 3 trip all within a few miles of the cabin. 


This solid 18"+ came from across the river from the cabin on a whopper plopper.

I've also done the trip with my wife. The upstairs is like a honeymoon sweet with a great view of the river and its own bathroom. Those trips were less about the fishing as we did more hiking and tours of the waterfalls in the area. There are also enough walleye and small pike if you like that tradition of a fresh fish meal on your fishing trips.


The value of the price versus location is outstanding.  If you go the same time as me, I can teach you the ways of fishing mid river structure and the secrets to looking for the subtle clues of mid river current breaks.  I feel this is the best way to catch big smallmouth on this river in August. 


I also can't forget the time I caught 2 fish, 2 different species on one cast.

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