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dubbing brush makers

rich mc

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i am wondering if thread is used, it cant be cut or it will unravel. some use flex glue which may help. i am thinking  a   5-6 inch long brush could just be tying on the shank and them palmered around.  my idea to try is to make a brush with braid line or polyester about 6-7 inches, keep it sparse and furl it for a tail.   rich

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Rich, I used really thin wire I picked up at Hobby Lobby (in the beading section) and attached a small hook to my cordless drill for easier twisting.  The brush worked pretty well for wrapping bodies but in your application, if I understand you correctly, might be too stiff.  As always, I would love to see what you come up with.  

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i am using a brush maker from member craig  its not as easy as the video  makes it look.  i do have thin wire from  dupage fly that is used with it.   so far i have made brushes out of craft hair and satin strips.  it is too stiff to use as a tail but wrapping on a hook it does make a nice round body. one problem i didnt expect was that the machine has to clamped to a table for brushing out the brush . same problem i had using a dubbing loop off my vise [pedestal].  i am still playing with it but starting to think the dubbing loop is less time. and furling eyelash yarn is an answer to making a longer fly without wire links.

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