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Aquila Mine

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  • 2 years later...

I got this in my email yesterday. We'll see what happens going forward... but a nice short term win!


Win! Aquila Resources Withdraws Lease Application

Your advocacy last summer has paid off - 406 acres of Michigan's Upper Peninsula will not be leased for mining 


Hi Kevin,


Do you remember sending in comments to urge the Michigan Department of Natural Resources to request a strict classification of a mineral lease application for approximately 406 acres that contains high quality waters and habitat for threatened and endangered species in the western Upper Peninsula of Michigan? We sure do. Back in August, over sixty of you sent in comments opposing this permit and it has paid off! Aquila Resources, the company seeking this lease, has withdrawn their application. 


Since 2017, Freshwater Future has worked with local advocates including Coalition to SAVE the Menominee River, Inc. and Front 40 to ensure that this open-pit mine does not destroy sacred waters and precious habitat. Thanks to all of you who submitted comments, we are estactic to see these wetlands and their biodiversity continue to thrive in Michigan's wild U.P. We will keep you informed with any more updates.


Take care, 


Your friends at Freshwater Future

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