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Jerry French's ultra rig kit


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I  want to know if any one had experience with a rig kit called an ultra rig. I think people who bass with baitcasters  with bass jigs is an example some can relate too. As some may know my tying is getting more  wide every year.  Meaning my flies I tie and different styles of flies expands every year I tie. So with that being said. I've been tying traditional steelhead/ salmon style flies and used some to catch largemouth and small mouth bass.  But this year my interest is in things like trout spey, swing flies, shank flies, things of that nature.  I was wondering if anyone on here who tie flies and jigs  to see if anyone has tied these style of flies for bass. I'll put a link to the video of the ultra rig. Thanks everyone have a great day.



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Have not played with this particular rig, but had tried something similar.  I used a streamer hook,  tied a AFW Surflon Micro Supreme 20lbs loop to connect a size 2 Octopus hook.  After finishing tying the fly I cut the hook point of the streamer hook.




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