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I like the RWs. Might just be me. How do they produce for you?



Jim, on the r/w it looks like you tie in a zonker strip in front of the eye and maybe one behind. Does this make the fly ride hook point down? It is a very cool looking fly.


forgive me fellas but what is RW?

I have not fished these patterns. Just getting a little creative. The complex ones with the zonkers are from Fly Tyer mag spring '17 issue. It's called a "white demon". I'll let you know if they hunt.

Sadly my version looks like Ray Raynor's version! (I've just aged myself).

The others are an interpretation of Tim Holshlag"s patterns.


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Nice ties, Jim. I prefer simple and less materials flies also.


The blacks and the whites look like good steelhead flies. The run is in full swing, Jim.

Never thought of those for Steelhead. I figured them for warm water species.




I am going to get up there to try again, Tom!

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Jim I took it that Mike meant red and white flies. That is what I was referring to anyway. At any rate, the Ray Raynor white Demon is a nice looking fly. I wasn't able to see Ray very often. We just had an antenna TV and we were just far enough out of range that there was usually more snow on the TV than there was Ray. It was a treat when we could manage to get good enough reception to see him.

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