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Bondic UV Curing Resins

Mark K

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I'm not sure if this doctor up in northern WI is still bothering with it, but he was still making it available as of last spring. I was able to get the stuff along with a really nice light, for far less expense than any other commercial uv glue and unlike some, it does not dry tacky to the touch. I think he calls it Silver Creek UV glue. The UV curing lights were half price. Do a search on this site and you should be able to bring that thread up where we discussed it before.


His email: picaboo@charter.net

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I have no experience with that product though the combination of light and dispenser looks convenient. There are over 1000 reviews of it on the Amazon site. It seems pricey for the amount of glue that you get. I wonder whether it solves the tackiness problem common with UVs.




Does that Solarez have a problem with tackiness?




CCG is getting hard to find. I use a Brand X UV cure. I will deal with the tackiness by sealing the work with clear Sally Hanson's till I use up the stuff. Then I will be in the market for something.

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Mike, one of the reasons I like using a uv glue without tackiness is that BAM, it's done. If I have to coat it with Sally Hansens, then in many cases, just use Sally Hansens to begin with. That's why I quit using CCG tack free, because contrary to its name, it didn't dry as tack free as the "Silver Creek's Crystal UV Coat"

Btw, not only is it less expensive but Henry's bottle is much larger than what you generally buy commercially.

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