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Just tossing this out there

Rob G

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Been kind of quiet in the Bassburgers section and so I was wondering if anyone might be interested in a new fly swap, only this one would be directed toward your favorite panfish fly (bluegill/ red ear/ crappie) or trout fly? Now I know we're moving into Holiday season here but we could run it into or thru January. If there is no interest in something like this, not a problem and no big deal.

Rob G.

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Trout are good pan fish. I'm in.


Unlike rich I am not worried about too few tyers. The swapmeister has the ability to split the group at a certain point. I don't want to tie more than twelve flies.


I like these suggestions for swaps. http://www.flyanglersonline.com/bb/showthread.php?12466-Important-Swap-Items

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