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High waters kept us from wading on June 18. The outing has been rescheduled....

July 16, Saturday, Kishwaukee River wade
We’ll meet for breakfast at 7:30am. at the Cherry Valley Cafe, 216 E. State St, Cherry Valley, IL.
After chow we’ll break into groups and wade the north and south branches of the Kishwaukee River for the mighty smallmouth bass.
Contact Terry on the ISA website if you plan to attend so he can make reservations at the cafe.

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Once again we'll have to keep an eye ion the sky for the first half of the week and hope

the rain fall will be minimal and does not effect the river.



The parking spaces infront of the cafe have been ripped out and that area is under construction.

Not sure if it will be done by Saturday, but parking is still available across the street or in the rear.

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Well the NW Region finally got our first wade outing complete.

We started off the day at the Cherry Valley Cafe for some eats and smallmouth talk.

Seated at the table was Jude, Pat, Frank, and myself.

After chow we jumped in out cars and headed for the Kish north branch.

After stepping foot in water, Jude and Frank headed downstream while Pat and I headed up.

Pat was tossing the Ned-Rig and I was switching from tubes to tops most of the way up.

Pat and I found the bite to be a bit slow, but then I hooked into a brute. Rod bending, reel sing, the fight was on!

Stupid catfish.

But it was a nice one.... >


Jude and Frank caught up with us and said that they were finding some action. Jude was slinging the fly rod and picked

up 1 I believe, Frank was tossing the Ned-Rig and landed 3 and a pike.



I ended up leading Jude into a little trib where I picked up 1 nice smallie at about 14 to 15 inches.

Jude ended up running out of time and and to head back to the car.


I then met up with Pat and Frank again on the Kish.

After a short break and a discussion on how much time we each had, I decided that if they had the time then I would

guide them on the trib. Ended up we each had all day, so up the trib we went.

We moved slow and switched the order of the lead person and ended up have a very enjoyable little wade with a number off

quality smallies brought to hand.

Not sure of everybody's count for the day, I was having too much fun to keep track.


More pics >


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