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Sadly found this in Fox river

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yep, it's a Zebra. Amazing how far they've infiltrated. A shame they didn't stay in Russia but then they supposedly have helped clean up the Great Lakes by their filtering prowess and some say that's why the smallies in the Great Lakes have gotten so porky. But they do a ton of damage to locks, docks, valves, etc.

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Zebra Mussel? l

Yes John is a zebra mussel. Couple others fell off the wire as i pulled it out of

the water.


I wondered how long it would take.



Bummer... maybe that's why the Fox has been so clear.


I believe they are also in one of the lakes that borders the west branch of dupe... :(

Kevin. They are in both deep quarry & bass lake. That is where the dam breach flowed into the dupage river.



SO..... as we continue to wade our streams this season Who is gonna Wash

their Waders after every outing?


Does it matter now?

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I read a few references to washing waders after wading.


It's more about hot water; some sites say140 degrees for boats which is darn hot and the bigger stop is drying your equipment or waders/boots for 48 hours or 5 days if you have seen signs of mussels on your boat.


How many of us are realistically not going to wade two different rivers in one day or have two sets of waders to do something like that? How about dropping the yak in mulitple rivers? Some folks have talked of their waders and boots never drying out, will this change peoples behavior? Really that's what it's all about, behaviour. Just asking the questions, not judging... I'm just as guilty as everyone else.



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