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Welcome Back Cotter

Rob G

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Stan the Man Z, was talking about Cotter Pin flies at our last Central IL tying event and just wondered if anyone has played around with these things. I've got some ideas up my sleeve after seeing these examples. I'm thinking that a thin rabbit strip would move quite well if not bound to the shank of a hook but also wonder if that small trailing hook would often foul with the tail and negate any positive. Do you think you lose any hook setting power with the trailing hook design and/or do you think you have less chance of a hook getting thrown, enquiring minds want to know. I know Tom L. has ventured into this dark world but who else may have followed?



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Guest rich mc

stan put that bug in my head a few months ago. i picked up some smaller cotter pins but have had time to experiment . i do think i would put a split ring on the pin to tie to. rich

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May I ask, what would be the benefit of using a cotter pin?




Cotter pins a re a good way to add weight without wrapping lead on the hook shank.


The dangling stinger hook gives the fish less leverage for throwing the hook than there is on along shank hook.


Adaptable to many other streamer designs besides these bunnies.




My big one is that it puts the only hook too far back. Usually fish take the baitfish, that streamers immitate, head on. I want a hook there.


PS I think it is no coincidence that my nephew sent me a link to this article on the same day that Rob "welcomed Cotter back." Though I do not think Rob is an extreme case, it is nice to know that they have a diagnosis for the condition. http://www.bbc.com/future/story/20160308-the-curse-of-the-people-who-cant-stop-making-puns


PS2 My name is Mike and I an a recovering Witzelsuchter.

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Thank you Mike, for the very informative post. Being that I am amused by both you and the Robster, I myself mustn't be inflicted with the Witzelsucht disorder. And, being that a few extra cotter pins in the boat could well be a pro for the use of this fly, I will give Rob the benefit of the doubt and consider his case short of full blown.

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