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Kayak Storage

Mark K

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Two pulleys a cleat and a rope. (For my Sit-in) I put an eye bolt in the middle of a 5'ish 2x4. Longer than my cockpit by 2' or so. One pulley goes in the garage ceiling right where I want it to hang, the other in the ceiling close to the wall. On the wall below that pulley I mounted a cleat. A sturdy rope goes from the 2x4 up, over, and down to the cleat. I put foam padding on the ends of the 2x4 to keep it from slipping. Just slip the 2x4 into the cockpit, give it a few tries to center the load, and raise the yak to the ceiling, and secure the rope to the cleat, completely out of the way.


I'm sure you could figure out a way to do the same with a SOT. A cradle of some sort? I do have a pair of rubber gloves dedicated to hoisting the yak. Couldn't hold on with leather. Been my system for 12 years or so, hasn't fallen on my hood yet. Probably shouldn't have said that.

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