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Where to camp?


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Our camping spot got cancelled for this weekend due to high water. Can anyone suggest anything 3-4 hours away from the Chicago suburbs for a camping spot near some fishable water? WI possibly? Have fly rod, will travel. :)




Chris Serafin

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First place that comes to my mind is Devils Lake WI. Beautiful place to camp and hike!. You'd have to do the research on fishing though but you have the Wisconsin and Baraboo River along with Devils Lake. I'm sure there is more in the area.

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Wildcat Mountain park in SW Wisconsin is nice. And you are in the driftless area.....


In Illinois, I always enjoy Evergreen Lake near Bloomington. It is called Comlara county park in Mclean county.

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Wisconsin state parks are very difficult to book unless weekdays (you have a chance). Wisconsin state forests perhaps little easier. Some places I like to camp...Wildcat, Governor Dodge, Southern Kettle, Northern Kettle, MIrror Lake, any of the parks in Door County....if you have a yak its great fishing smallies up there (in fact I will fishing smallies all next week up there).


White Pines out near the Rock River, Lowden, and Apple river canyon a few more suggestions (and there is fishable water in these areas).


Check county parks close...like Winnebago, etc People don't realize counties have camping spots that people don't realize.

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