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Chicagoland Fishing, Travel, & Outdoor Show

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The Schaumburg fishing show runs January 29 to Feb 1 at the Schaumburg Convention Center, 1551 north Thoreau Dr. The ISA will have a booth there and we will need help manning the booth, asking the attendees to join the ISA. We will need at least 2 members in the booth at all times. We'll also need help setting up the display the day before the show begins. If you can help out, post here, and I'll add your name to the schedule. Anyone who signs up and spends at least 4 hours in the booth will get in free. Normal admission is $12.


Set up on Thursday morning before the show opens,

Thursday, Jan 29, 12 - 8 John Loebach, Ed Buric 12-8, Gordon Patriarca, 12-3:30, Dick Gronlund 3-8

Friday, Jan 30, 12 - 8 Craig Holderness 12-8, Ted Peterson 12-4, Pat Moser & Bill Kreznor 4-8

Saturday Jan 31, 10 - 7 Scott Ferguson 10-7, Frank Briggs 10-3, Pat Hirschtick 2-7

Sunday Feb 1, 9 - 3. Scott Ferguson 9-3, Tom Loo 9-2

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I goofed. Okay Noon to four . Will there be anyone else? Will all the materials be in the booth?

I hope someone else will be there. You can check back on the first post on this thread to see who will be there. I update the schedule as we get volunteers.

Everything you need will be in the booth. We are doing things a little differently as we will be using an iPad to do the sign ups and take credit cards. To everyone who will work the show. Please sign in on the sign up sheets in the binder. Instructions on using the iPad will also be in the binder. PLEASE read the instructions. it isn't difficult in the least but it is important we do it correctly so everyone gets logged correctly.

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