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Tom's Sculpin

Tom L

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I've been goofing around the vise and came up with this pattern: 90 degrees jig hook, dumbbell eyes, rabbit strip body & tail, Krystal flash tail and underbody, craft fur belly, rubber legs, hackle collar, and craft fur head.




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Big Gulp Sculpin




Uses a wool head. Is craft fur better?

Tried wool head before. It makes the fly very heavy, once soaked. The upside is it sinks fast, but not very enjoyable to cast. Also, tried deer hair head before. The deer hair make the fly buoyant and sinks slow. Craft fur allows the fly to sink fast and it shreds water quickly. These are the few differences I had notice so far.

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That picture looks familiar. I think I have a few exactly like that in my smallie box.

Manny, it looks very similar to the Morrish Sculpin which has a dumbbel eyes; a rabbit strip for body & tail and a another rabbit strip for bellly, and rabbit fur for head. There are subtle differences between the two though; such as rabbit fur head vs craft fur head, rabbit strip belly vs craft fur belly, rubber legs vs no rubber legs, hackle collar vs no collar.


It also looks very similar to my Foxy Crawdad (one of the flies that I sent you). It is actually an off shoot of that fly.

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