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NW Region 7/26; A River Within!

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A River Within!
River Study
(and horse drawn wagon ride!)
Saturday, July 26th

10:00 - 12:00

Deer Run Forest Preserve

5691 River Road, Cherry Valley, IL 61016

Strap on your river shoes and be prepared to get your feet wet as you participate in some hands-on river seining with members of the Illinois Smallmouth Alliance (ISA). Your adventure will begin with a horse drawn wagon ride along the equestrian trails of the beautiful Deer Run Forest Preserve to a remote area along the Kishwaukee River where you will then depart, step foot in water, and learn what lives within a river and what kind of things the fishies like to snack on. Limit 30. Registration is required. 815-877-6100.



Please let me know if you can help out with this event.

I suppose the plan will be to put kayaks in at Deer Run F.P., float and fish to the spot of the event, do our seining thing and then float and fish to where we decide we would like to take out.

We can use all the help we can get.

The event is full.

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Change of plans:



(DEK12 - 3.30)

(PRY12 - 6.48)


I went out today and scouted the area and the area I had picked out is no longer going to work.

A river changes every year and this year all the sand and gravel in the area has been washed-out.

I scouted another area that could work but decided against it after returning to the canoe launch at Deer Run F.P.

Just upstream (50yd wade) of the canoe launch is a shallow area with ankle high water surrounding it. I think this area will be best.

The wagon chief says his wagon can only carry 15 at a time , so 15 go for a ride while the other 15 seine, and visa versa.

It should workout fine.

Then we can "all" go on a wade outing......or float. Which ever.


Any of you "all" like to help out?

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Pat - Thanks!


Josh - Thanks!


Jim - Thanks!


We'll meet at Cherry Valley Cafe for some morning choke, we will leave from there to be at Deer Run F.P. about 9:30am.

I'm thinking meet at the cafe at 7:30am.


After the event (10am to 12pm) we can break into groups (if needed) and do a bit of wade fishing.

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(3.04 - DEK12)

(6.12 - PRY12)


Things to bring:


Terry - Canopy, signage, table, stamp, camera

Paul - seine net, posters, tank, literature (?), camera

Tim - seine net, camera

Jude - seine net (?), camera

Pat - self, camera (?)

Jim - Brandy, camera

Josh - self, camera (?)

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I'll be there. I was going to bring a waterproof camera, posters, seine net, minnow bucket and a small 10 gallon fish tank. Fishing gear is always in the trunk of my car from March through November. I'll also meet in Cherry Valley to enjoy the B&G and cheerful service.


Brandy would make a good wife but my life, my lover, my lady is the sea or a river filled with smallmouth.

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Guest Josh Glovinsky

I will be at the park for sure. I will bring my GoPro. I will see if I can make breakfast. Trying to keep up with the insanity I call life.

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Sorry Terry. I guess you're the only one who can remind people to bring stuff. I haven't had my fishing gear in my car much this spring/summer for several reasons. I do however keep my camera in my car year round.

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A BIG THANKS to Pat, Jude, Jim, Josh, Tim and Paul for making this happen.
July 26, 2014; A River Within


"Get Outside!" is a Summer program thru Winnebago County Forest Preserve District (WCFPD) whereas participants participate in many programs throughout the Summer and receive a stamp with the completion of each program to earn points towards winning prizes.

I was contacted a few months ago (sometime before Summer of course) about the Illinois Smallmouth Alliance (ISA) hosting one of the

programs. I talked with other ISA members about putting together some type of unique program. We decided that sticking along the lines

of education had more to offer people than just having them toss a worm & bobber in some water and hope a fish comes by and eats it.

We decided to have participants get their feet wet and do some hands on river seining so that they can learn of what types of creatures live within a river that fish like to feed on. After completion of the seining, I thought it would be cool if the participants could go on a horse drawn wagon ride along the trails of Deer Run F.P., Jamie at WCFPD also liked the idea and set this up.


The day started off with ISA members meeting at the Cherry Valley Cafe in Cherry Valley, Illinois, at 7:30am for some good chow and of course talk on how what a terrible year this has been from the high waters keeping us out of our rivers. After breakfast it was off to Deer Run Forest Preserve to set up base camp and do some pre-seining so that we could display some creatures in a tank for people to view while waiting for the program to begin. A few minnows, a couple clames and a couple big tadpoles filled the tank.


10513337_10204310435863928_8801341195769Bottom L-R: Terry, Jude, Josh. Top L-R: Pat, Paul, Tim, Jim.


The program was limited to 30 people, and was full, but only 17 of the 30 showed. Everybody seemed to enjoy the program and had a good time running the seine nets up and down the river to see what they might pull up.


There's not much more to report other than I think a few of the kids will remember this day for quite sometime.


I leave you with pictures of the day......


10479710_10204310498505494_3914835829782A short wade to the seine area.






10487538_10204310521626072_8870726129318Let the seine begin



994125_10204310526306189_883197148073852Insanity seine






10533755_10204310568987256_7559553872576Minnow in a bottle

10557418_10204310577427467_5890693840759Honey Comb & Honey Do

10419972_10204310616428442_8544054727817Wagon Chief Gary

10386846_10204310624988656_1736818075697Wagon Driver Dakota


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Cool video, Josh! Yes, it was a lot of fun. Made me miss the days when I'd take my daughters seining.


Good job putting this together, gentlemen.

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