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holiday strategies

Norm M

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how do you prefer to deal with the holiday crowds ?


fish further up tributaries ?


hike well past forked stick country on your favorite flow ?


fish real early and real late and chill with the family in between ?


d hop to the fourth quadrant of the 7th dimension ?


tough it out in your usual haunts ?


cut the grass, yard work, buff the car, etc ?

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Being retired, I really don't fish on weekends or holidays. On any day I prefer to be out in the boonies away from the crowds.

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I would have to go with #2, " fish further up tributaries".

But I'm kind of luck with the Kish.

A person could float from Belvidere to Cherry Valley and not have to deal with a lot of traffic.

Cherry Valley down stream is the stretch popular with the tubers.

Then we have the south branch which usually gets minimal traffic since it's so shallow.

Usually people that float the south don't return because there are areas where one has to portage, and most don't like to do that.

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I'm of the mind that most people don't take the extra step to get to the spots I fish, holiday or otherwise. I'm with Terry on this one though. In the Kish and it's tributaries, all you have to do is get out of what I like to call "cooler-carrying capacity," and you should find fish.

That said, I'm usually too busy doing family stuff all weekend to get out anyhow!

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