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Beaver Dams

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I take these are bad things being that they are dams.

I was informed by another ISA member of a beaver dam on a creek of ours here in the NW Region.

Today I took a little wade in search of a couple Fall smallies (no luck) and saw the dam with my own eye.

Really amazing, but I'm kind of thinking I need to contact the forest preserve district about it, or will

2014's high Spring waters take care of to?


This is not the dam but is very similar in size to the one in this picture....





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If you breach it without removing the beavers it will only make them work harder to fix it. They will drop trees just to cut limbs for the dam. I experienced this in my teens on Indian creek in Sheridan. The FPD will not remove them but I think its still legal to trap them - find someone who sells or buys pelts.

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Not all dams are bad. rich and I think the ones that formed Shabbona Lake and Lake Summerset respectively are quite good. Shabbona formed when Indian Creek was dammed. Summerset formed when the South Branch of Otter Creek was formed.


Good idea about contacting the FPD. Their staff may tell you how beaver dams fit into the natural scheme of things. Long ago I enjoyed some great Brookie fishing in beaver dam ponds. Unlike the concrete structures men build, beaver works go through a cycle that enhances the environment. Anyway I would like to hear what the FPD says.

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