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The Rule of Two, 2, 20, 200, 2000...

Mike G

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An alien comes from a galaxy far away to study bass fishing. Since he thinks in binary code, he quickly deduces the "rule of two."


2, 20, 200 To catch a 2 pound bass, you need a 20 foot boat and a 200 horsepower motor.


2000, 20,000 It takes 2 thousand dollars to buy the basic electronics. Over his lifetime the weekend warrior will spend 20 thousand dollars on bass tackle,


200,000 The house lost in the divorce is worth $200,000 on average.


2,000,000 Typically a large company looses two million dollars worth of productivity due to employees day dreaming and BSing about fishing.


And so on...bfnerp.jpg


Does anyone think it is not worth it?

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If a man brought home a $70K bass rig, the ol'Lady would serve up divorce papers.

But, if the ol'Lady brought home the same rig, the two of them may well be buried in the thing at a ripe old age!


Please send a picture of the boat.

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