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Muskie on a Fly

Mike G

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Take a look. It is another chapter in the big fly book. Muskie guides call them bonus fish - bass and pike that take Muskie flies.

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Thats a cool video. On my Flambeau float in July, the smallies were hammering our muskie flies all day. We were using mainly EP baitfish flies, about 6-7" in length, and the Flambeau smallies are on average, 7-11" in length. What they lack in size, they make up for in numbers on the Flambeau. Although, after a while, when your throwing these size flies all day on 8wt rods, a thousand casts, it starts to get annoying when another little dink takes your fly. Ryan

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Here in driftless Illinois we get a few WI TV channels. Saturday AM I caught Outdoor Wisconsin leading off with a segment on Fly Fishing for Muskies. What do they catch? Big Smallmouths and big Pike. Deja vu!

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