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Do I dare bring it out again

Rob G

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"Strip-N-Freese" I like that but after last night, we should come up with something like the "Beltran ________" after he saved the day by throwing that strike from right field and for the fact he accounted for all 3 rbi's. It makes it easier to swallow Pujols leaving when you realize that without that occurring, Beltran wouldn't be in the line up.



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I present to you the Beltran Bugger. Had no red chenille so just twisted the marabou in rope like fashion and wound around the shank to create the body.




Hopefully this won't jinx us,


But it’s not over yet …
The Cardinals are up 3-games-to-1, which is familiar, but not pleasant territory for them in NLCS play.
In the previous two postseasons in which it led 3-games-to-1 (1996 and 2012), St. Louis failed to win another game and was outscored by a combined 52-to-2 margin by the Braves and Giants in Games 5 through 7. Not to mention losing World Series to the Tigers in 68 after being up 3-1. Nah, can't happen again, right??

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Should we cover all bases, come up with something in blue and white, maybe all it a Mattingley Muddler, or a Gonzalez Gurgler?



bite your tongue, I will never tie a Blue fly nor one in Pinstripes.


I should qualify that as Dodger Blue or NY Pinstripes. I would savor the idea of creating a fly for the Cubbies, but unfortunately not likely in my lifetime. Maybe if I could come up with some goat hair.............

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