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Dahlberg Diver

Ryan Kral

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Hey guys. Wanted to tie up a couple of these to use on my up coming muskie trip, probably on a sink tip. It's been a while since I spun deer hair, so I figured why not. Although spinning deer hair is easy, its just time consuming, and I know why I dont do it a lot. I can tie up 2 synthetic streamers for everyone of these. This is the most basic style of the Dahlberg probably, just bunny, maribou, and deer hair. This one is about 6" long on a 4/0 hook. Not huge, but typically dont throw the massive muskie flies on the river muskie. Ryan


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Ryan, your deer hair spinning skill is getting way up there. Nice work.


Just a suggestion: try substituting Marabous and Zonker strips with synthetic materials like craft furs, sf flash blends, or ep fibers. I think you will find them as effective and much more enjoyable to cast, especially a big fly like that.

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