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5 Books, 3 Lures, 1 Fly

Mike G

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About a hundred years ago it was popular for critics to complement a book by saying it was one of the five books they would pick to take along if they was going to be stranded on a desert island. G.K Chesterton blew that up, "I need but one volume-Bradford Summerfield's Constructing Seaworthy Boats from Materials that Grow in Arid Climates.


Now Sam is asking about the three lures to take to a desert island. I will take that one on, leaving aside the question of where there's Smallmouth water on a desert island. I need but one lure, Smokey. Smokey is a 4" grey blue-flake Strike King 3X Grub rigged on a 1/8 oz. Brewer Spider Head.




I own the last 5 in existence.


That leaves the one fly. This time of year trout fishermen gather in Colorado for a three part fly fishing competition. The parts are distance, accuracy, and one fly on the water. The One Fly OTW is the last event. Finalists, accompanied by an observer, get an hour to fish one fly on a reserved beat. Biggest trout takes it. It is literally one fly. If you loose the fly in a fish or snag, it is over. I always wondered how this would work as a Smallmouth competition right here in IL.


I invite your thoughts on what fly you would pick keeping in mind that like the trout event this would take place in mid-summer on a river near you.

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went back in to correct a piece of grammar and deleted by accident, DOH !


Basically what I said is that it would be a tough choice between two flies, a pearl crystal or sparkle minnow and my own Crazy Clouser, gray over white, both size 4. I probably would opt for the Crazy Clouser because the hook rides up and I rarely get this hung up so I wouldn't be as likely to lose my one fly. Also I have complete confidence in that fly as a baitfish imitation and probably have caught more larger smallmouth on that particular fly than any other over the last several years.

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Brad Miller weighed in in his July letter picking the Murditch Minnow.






This is one of Joe Cornwall's variations.


By the way, I put this thread here because I wanted to be democratic giving a place where a guy can plug his "one" casting or spinning lure also. I don't see many takers so far. C'mon, It is not like I am asking for the GPS on your honey hole!

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For a fly, I would go with a Clouser that I tie similar to Rob's. Second choice would be my gildaddy crawfish pattern. As far as with spin gear, I would go with a white twister on a Charlie Brewer slider jighead.


And the book???

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5 Books, 3 Lures


(Can't speak to the fly, as a gear chunker.)


This has changed since I wrote my original Desert Island Tacklebox, so I figured I'd share.


1. 4" watermelon fluke

2. Shallow rap, silver & black

3. Rebel Craw




1. The Sun Also Rises, Hemmingway

2. Post Office, Charles Bukowski

3. The Wind-up Bird Chronicles, Haruki Murakami

4. Trout Fishing in America, Richard Brautigan

5. Howl, Allen Ginsberg



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You can't go wrong with a version of the holy Bible, the FLY Tiers Bible would come in handy, a book of short stories by sci fi writer Ray Bradbury (R is for Rocket is my bible of sci fi.), a history of the St. Louis Cardinals (if I cannot listen to the games on the radio, my need for America's favorite passtime may be satisfied with a history of my favorite team),I supose I should have a book on how to survive being trapped on a desert island.

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I guess l should have stated that the purpose of the exercise is to get it down to one of each following Chesterton' s example. I found it easier to do one than to do 3 or 5. And the one lure I picked would not have been in my pick of three. IOU the name of my one fly.

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