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Neat short video about the Driftless Area

Jonn Graham

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I think I live in this area since on some maps the far NW Corner of Winnebago Co is in there. So I am miffed that they didn't give me a chance to make an ignorant comment in the video. So here it is,"What do you mean driftless? Last winter we had drifts over my head on Best road you hippy tree hugger."


Jonn thanks for the link. Driftless=Trout is the equation I relate to. But Now I see there may be more to it like the Cheese Festival in Monroe and the great bar crawl in New Glarus.

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It is now snowing in the Driftless Area.


That is not the only puzzle.


The Mysterious Driftless Area


Besides the rare flora and fauna of the area, there's the Schullsburg Mystery Spot.


"Approximately two miles out of town, Highway U plunges down a steep hill, across a low area, and curves back up a steeper hill. Stop your car about three-quarters of the way down the first hill, just short of the 25 mph sign that announced the curve back up the other side. From here, U appears to drop considerably to the valley floor before rising again. Place the car in neutral and you will be rolling backward up the hill, slowly at first then faster and faster!!!"


The popular name for County U is Judgement Street.


The truth is out there.

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Fortunately most of the Driftless area did not get anywhere near the rain we did.Some of the rivers are higher than others but all were fishable for our TU group going into the weekend. The rain & the cold temps did trim the fishing days to just 2 instead of the planned 4 for me & my partner who is an excellent trouter who hit around 100 trout in those 2 days nymph fishing with a 2 fly rig. I only managed 8 the 1st day streamer fishing but did better the 2nd hitting 28 about equally divided between a san juan worm fished with an indicator in the deeper slower water & swinging a soft hackle in the swifter runs.

Thruout the trip I was worried that I'd come home to a flooded basement as my sump pump was cycling every 32 seconds when i left.As I pulled up to the house I was relieved to see a stream of water along the curb in front indicating the much overworked sump pump hadn't given up the ghost.



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