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Dreamer Streamers

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I saw this fly in my dream the other night. Maybe it is because I've been thinking about suspending jerk baits and Rich's Shannon Streamer laterly. Or maybe I had seen it someway before. So I whipped up a few.




Actually, it is just an evolution of the Stick Minnow that I had posted before. I see an endless possibility combination of colors, shapes and materials for this fly. It can be a skinny or a thick body. It can even be made into a tube jib fly.

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Guest Jim S.

nice proportioned fly. now if you could get some foam inside you may be able to walk the dog. is that craft hair or congo hair? richmc


That's where Terry's ear plugs come in, great idea.

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The fly can be buoyant, slow sinking, or fasting sinking by using foam or chenille as underbody and by wraping leadwire onto the hook shank.


Tail = Marabous

Body = Craftfur, Congo hair and Krystal flash


I wish I have some of Terry's ear plugs to play with; but for now I'm just going to use foam sheets instead. Step-by-step is coming.

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Great colors, did you use markers?

No, but you could. I'm thinking of adding red marks for the gills. The body was craftfur and the back was congo hair. I didn't have dark color of craftfur for the back.


What were you smokin'? Maybe I could use some :D

Not thing fansy. I think it was McGuane's Ninety-Two in the Shade before bed. :)

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