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Doin' Zoos

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Playing with some Zoo Cougars. Interestingly when you watch the creator Kelly Galloup tie his, he keeps a larger bulbous profiled head and a less than whimpy collar but yet many available commercially seem to have a much smaller and more tightly spun head and collar. Either way, a pretty decent sculpin or baitfish imitation.



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Kelly is fishing for trout that eat smaller trout (he has a rainbow pattern on his DVD also) and trout have pretty large heads compared to their bodies.

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definitely rides hook down and with a little "shake and bake" with the rod tip and your strip, you can get it to dart around erratically. It's funny but obvious now that you've posted those sculpin helmet flies, that we are in effect producing the same general head shape out of different materials but of course these won't get down as deep as yours.


To attach the eye on deer hair, I like to take my soldering iron, get it hot and you can burn a small indentation into the spun deer hair. Then I place a drop of goop cement into the excavation and place my eye within. Holds as well as any I have found but that's not to say after a 20 + fish day that they still can't come off. If someone has a better adhesive or better idea, I'm all ears.

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