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Did you shop at Paddle and Trail this last year or more?

Jim J

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Hi everyone,


I am working on the Paddle and Trail Give Back Program. They donate a portion of money to the ISA for large purchases there. Canoes, Kayaks, Trailers etc.


Just so we don't miss anyone, I would like to know if you've purchased there.


What you bought, your name and a generic date would be great.


If you want to post here that's fine but if you'd like to do it privately, please email me at: james6031@aol.com


Thanks for shopping there and don't let this donation pass up the ISA buy not letting me know.



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I, Terry Jay Dodge, ordered a Jackson Coosa around Jan. 19, 2013.

Not paid in full yet, just put 5h's down to start the order.

Could be here in another week, could be here by the end of March.

My garage doesn't look like Eric's, so I hope it's not here in another week.


This Coosa is being purchased at the Loves Park location. Just so you know.

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I purchased a Santee Sport 116 from the Aurora store after the Float Your Boat outing and before the River Bassin tournament. I guess that would make it around the third week of July.

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Thinking about getting a coosa there too. Did you order something custom, or is that the regular wait time? I've been leaning towards paddle and trail, definitely going there now after reading about their donations to the cause. I will likely go to Aurora, any more info on your shopping experience would be appreciated.





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Mike, I was told by Paddle and Trail that Jackson doesn't keep an inventory of boats. They make them as they are ordered by retailers. It typically takes 3-5 weeks to get the boat. I do know that Paddle and Trail in Loves Park put in an order last week for 25 to 30 boats. I'm not sure if all those were ordered for specific customers or if they ordered extra to keep on hand. Come check out the Woodstock Expo. this weekend. Paddle and Trail will be there and may have a special show price for Coosa's.

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Sorry for getting back late. I had to put in my order for the Coosa by the end of January to get it in the color of my choice (blackwidow), otherwise

there would have been a $200.00+ shipping charge for a Coosa in the color of my choice. The Loves Park store will have Coosa's on hand and for sale

but they will be in the standard colors of green and sand.

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Hey! I screwed up on the post above. My info is all out of whack.


I don't want to say much more about it because I don't want to pass on the wrong info again. But I screwed up with the info above.

Sorry about that.

Just call, or go to, Paddle and Trail and they'll give you all the right info and get you set up the way you like. The service is top notch.

I can tell you that the Loves Park location will have Coosa's in stock and for sale.


Again, sorry to Paddle and Trail for not getting the info right.

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Hello Gents,


I Would like to take this opportunity to clarify the ordering process of a Jackson Kayak from us at Paddle and Trail. This will be the only time I post on any of the forums under Paddle and Trail as I recognize the last thing the ISA wants is for your forums to become de facto classified ads.


Jackson's manufacturing process closely mirrors a Just In Time inventory process in that their kayak production is based upon their orders received. They do not keep an inventory of kayaks on hand. As as result of this, Paddle and Trail was using interest generated at the Chicago Boat Show and the Schaumburg Fishing Show to guide us as we determined the number of kayaks we would order for this year....which is why there was an urgency associated with getting in an order by end of Jan should you have a specific color in mind as we placed our order to Jackson at this time. As for the $200 shipping charge, this would be applicable if we had to special order a kayak and it was shipped by itself.


There are points in time other than at the beginning of the season whereby we place orders, although usually what we originally bring in is what we budget for the season. We currently have 47 fishing kayaks in stock, with 25 Jacksons (Cuda's and Coosa's, all different colors) coming first week in March.


I appreciate the opportunity to clarify our ordering process and look forward to meeting some of you this Saturday at the Blowout. A thank you to everyone at the ISA for what you do and your support for P&T. Be good.



Kevin Versino

General Manager

Paddle and Trail

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