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Tim's Xmas Flies #2 & #3 - Two Craws

Tim A

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I was busy and didn't realize I forgot to do a fly yesterday in my attempt to do an early dozen. I'm hoping to finish on Christmas, so I'm posting 2 flies in one post here. And the theme is crayfish....


First, we have an EP craw I came up with. I call it a "small craw." Note: I have since trimmed the tail a bit to reduce spinning during retrieve & catching tippet.


Hook: Any mid-length O'shaughnessy hook, size 4

Legs: Rubber legs from bass jig, color tan/black fleck

Flash: 2 strands Krystal flash, black pearl

Mouth: Orange EP or Congo Hair

Eyes: Mono+CCG(or epoxy), black

Body: EP/Congo Hair material, medium brown, cut to 1.5" lengs, spun in loop, & trimmed

Weight: Brass dumbbell, unpainted




Second, we have a modified "bonefish slider." I've added mallard flank for legs and used more crayfish colors. So let's call it a "Crayfish slider."


Hook: O'Shaughnessy, size 4 or 2

Tail: Craft fur, cream, tan, or brown, barred with dark brown marker

Flash: 2 strands Krystal Flash, black pearl

Legs: Mallard Flank, tan, palmered

Collar: Deer belly hair tips, root beer/rusty brown/dark brown

Body: Deer belly hair, same color as collar, spun & trimmed

Weight: Lead dumbbell eyes, small



Here's a sight-fished drum that took the crayfish slider:



Alright...Sorry my fly pics aren't so great; thanks for paying attention so far...

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So your pictures are only worth 999 words each. They look good to me.


BTW Orthodox Christmas is Jan 7 on the Gregorian calendar. We respect all traditions here. So Twelve flies can also start Jan 7.

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Thanks, Mike & Tom.


Ron, Feenstra's pattern is an interesting & humorous one that gets the job done. I'm just not sure what the implications of bringing it up here & now are. Care to share what prompted you to remind us of that fly?

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