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Depth seems to be Important

Terry Dodge

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Still trying to figure out this Float & Fly thing.

Went out on 11/20 and was having absolutely no luck what so ever fishing the float and fly moving the float

around from 15" to 36". Time was running out so I got a bit of an attitude and moved the float to about 48" and whipped that sucker out there. FLOAT DOWN!!! I wasn't ready (kind of surprised) bad hook set. :( It felt like a nice one if that means anything.

Times up. Gotta head for work.

I'm thinking maybe I haven't been setting depth correctly.

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Wish I could find a hole on the Fox that was 48"+ and had slack water. Very tough.


Experimenting with the depth setting is par for the course, especially in an area that allows it!


In unfamiliar areas, start off moderate and work deeper. The worst thing you can do is to be set ultra deep and snag on your first cast.


Keep at it. You'll find 'em.


Added: It's important to remember that the float-n-fly is NOT the be-all, end-all technique for cold(er) water smallmouth. Don't abandon tubes, suspending jerkbaits, etc., if the f-n-f is not working for you. We've had consistently mild weather and the fish may have taken other presentations. One dunk from a fish you didn't see is tough to draw any solid conclusions from.

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