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Early Show

John Gillio

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I just want to send out a thanks to John L. and everyone involved in putting together the "Early Show". I can speak for the couple of friends that came with me and say that we had a nice time at the show. Casting a spay rod was a new experiece for me, and I picked up some great info. from the tyers. I wish I could have stuck around for the trout and steelhead presentation. It was also nice meeting some of the members. Ronk has a beautifully smooth fly cast. A job well done guys.

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Thanks, John. Glad you made the drive. Spey casting isn't easy to get the hang of (for me anyway) but its way cool. I figure there were between 20 & 30 tyers going the whole day. A great opportunity to learn & Drift did tie along with kids which snagged the interest of my neice & one of her freinds there to help food sales as girl scouts. Next time will be even better.

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I echo that, want to thank the folks that organized it. I had fun as a tier sharing some patterns & techniques. I met and chatted with a variety of folks some of whom I will surely fish with in the future. I appreciate the opportunity to take part in the event.

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So friday afternoon i helped John set up the tables at the VFW. We were done by 4 and headed to the river, NEWLY REPLACED TFO (THANK YOU TFO)

FLY ROD in hand around the 10th cast post-925-0-35672200-1352865013_thumb.jpg Great Mojo with this one!



The dark side is becoming stronger and stronger with every bad swing i swing :P


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Eugene, nice rod and fish. Enjoyed meeting you Sat.

John, great meeting you and thank you for driving up to see the show. Glad you enjoyed!




Nice fish..............welcome to the Dark Side.


Jonn, thanks for coming to the show as well. The dark side is strong, Now all my casts look like fubar :wacko: Which stick to toss

Baitcaster, Spinning, 5 weight, 7 weight?


Eugene, may the force be with you......


And with you Tom!

Hope to see you tie and also have the chance to fish with you.

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