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    Swim Bait+Chatterbait=?

    Yeah it looks pretty slick. Is it any better than the others? Depends who you talk to... Lures got expensive when they were successfully marketed to be superior to other lures and people were willing to pay for said superiority (perceived or real).. Do the fish care? I'm not sure yet... I do know nothing I've found suspends quite like the LC pointers.
  2. Kev-mo

    Jim Crowley Speaking Event

    Dang, forgot about this. Did anyone go? If so how was it?
  3. Kev-mo

    Swim Bait+Chatterbait=?

    I had $10 free from DSG rewards so I splurged on a jackhammer. I'll give that a go this year.
  4. Kev-mo

    Swim Bait+Chatterbait=?

    A lot of what I have read lately says the blade from the chatter creates some funky water currents and the hammer/boot tail can't function like it's meant to. Basically other trailers like curly tail grubs, senko type, craw type and the fork tail blade something by strike king are better trailers when used on a bladed jig. I'm pretty happy with my swim jigs being bladeless. I haven't delved into to the whole bladed jig thing yet...
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    I could've sworn I saw it in one of the bulletins... not sure if printed or electronic. It should be March 2. but Scott or one of the other powers that be can confirm.
  6. Kev-mo

    One of my favorite beers

    Those brandy's sound interesting.
  7. Kev-mo

    Terrafin Wet Wade boot

    Sheet metal screws should work, that's essentially what they give you as "studs" with wading boots.
  8. Kev-mo

    Terrafin Wet Wade boot

    Thanks for the info. I'm a 13 also. Mmm.... I guess order 12 and 13 and send one back. So far all my wading boots have been 13's and fit great with waders and wool socks. Too loose to for wet wading even with simms wet wade sock and tightening down.
  9. Kev-mo

    Des Plaines River Help

    Let me know when you get here. I know a bit about that creek and a little about a river or two...
  10. Isn't all water within our borders WOTUS? Sounds like an excuse to pollute. How many times has the Federal govt had to help pay for cleanups and it's cost like 29 times what it would have cost to not pollute in the first place? Anything else I type will be derogatory so I'll stop here.
  11. Kev-mo

    Terrafin Wet Wade boot

    Base on the first page of reviews several people upsized to accommodate their waders. It's been my experience that most wading boots are designed to accommodate both the neoprene bootie and a wool/thicker sock but you order your regular size. Most 'wet wading' shoes/boats are sized for only a thinner sock or thinner neoprene sock still or no sock while still ordering your regular size. JMO (opinion or observation). Those look pretty slick John, thanks. While I appreciate wading boots and the whole boot aspect (stiffer, more support protect the ankle etc.) there are times I wish I had something exactly like this; either for wet wading or wading a stream where a more robust boot isn't necessary. Jim, did you upsize?
  12. Kev-mo

    Keep your hands warmer

    I don't think we are going to get dumped on so you should be good for Friday. Btw I'll be off for Christmas break, lmk if you want to hang.
  13. Kev-mo

    Keep your hands warmer

    Best thing I've found to keep my hands warm/warmer is the the blue nitrile gloves. I think Joe R. was the first one I saw sporting them. A "no throw away" but more expensive option are the R1 gloves from Patagonia. I'm sure there is something similar by other companies. John, if you haven't already done so check out Jeff Littles Youtube videos on coldwater fishing. Lots of good info on baits etc. but also a lot of safety tips.
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    JDM; pretty, shiny, drool....
  15. Kev-mo


    Planning to be there.
  16. Kev-mo

    Bronze Friday

    Hoping to fish Fri, Sat and Sun, we'll see what happens. Might even slow down and try your ned rig setup.
  17. I'm out. Try to carry on without me... While probably not contagious still have the remnants of a nasty cold, don't need to be in Rockford till noon and while I'm okay with it; there are too many people that are otherwise abled when it comes to driving in the snow,
  18. Kev-mo

    Keeping warm in the kayak

    Another option or in addition to might be that pink solid foam insulation used in construction. They always recommended that in scouts for winter camping along with blankets when sleeping on the ground Not sure I'm ready for cold water paddling. After watching several of Jeff Little's videos on youtube it seems a dry suit is a requirement rather than an option and right now spending that much is not an option. Also I slipped many years ago while wading in early spring and got about half my upper body wet. Despite the half mile or so walk back to the car I was shivering pretty good so I know how fast things could go south.
  19. I have to be in Rockford that day so probably will come out early for breakfast.
  20. Kev-mo

    2,629 Acres Added

  21. Kev-mo

    Meeting @ Thai garden

    i'm planning to be there this year.
  22. Kev-mo

    10 to 15 Thousand Smallmouth

    I'm out for Thursday. Sorry... Not sure if I have allergies or a cold. Hope it goes away as I was sick last year at this time and missed dinner at Tom's
  23. Kev-mo

    Diawa BG 2500

    Those look pretty decent, thanks Phil.
  24. Kev-mo

    10 to 15 Thousand Smallmouth

    How many bodies do you need Terry? I'd like to go down but won't know if I can take off till it gets closer...
  25. Let's burn down the good senators home, cut off his access to grocery stores, poison his water and make it extremely difficult if not impossible for him to find a woman that would maybe consider getting naked for him. We could then classify his lineage as endangered and see if he falls into that 3% or 97%... Feel free to remove if too much. Not advocating we really do any of this, just using an analogy to make a point like he did.