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    Suggestions for Kayak Research

    So... I think I may start looking into getting a kayak. Seems that would open up more possibilities to fish. No place to store it yet or the car attachments to haul it but working on that... Looking for any advice on specific websites, you-tube videos etc. to begin educating myself to make an informed purchase that will at least last me a few years before I think I need something better... I know what I don't want but not sure what I need. Also have some Bass Pro gift cards so I guess those would be good at BP and Cabelas depending on what they have. The Ascend 10T SOT looks interesting... Would appreciate anything anyone wants to share.
  2. Kev-mo

    Suggestions for Kayak Research

    Some more great information guys!! Thanks!! This will help me and others. It sounds like I want the best of all worlds; lightweight for easy portability and spot hopping, good seat to be able to sit for hours if needed, and either storage or carrying capacity for camping. Mark, I belong to REI so will keep that and STP in mind. Phil, those Native's are sweet looking!! Kind of pricey but maybe you get what you pay for... Jude, I don't have a lot to compare to but your boat was nice to paddle etc. but yeah that seat needs an upgrade...
  3. Kev-mo

    Suggestions for Kayak Research

    Thanks Eric! Some good info there.
  4. Kev-mo

    Wader Repair

    I use aquaseal. A little bit goes a long way.... just a dab'll do on pinholes. Also not sure if it was done for aesthetic reasons but when Simms fixed a seam leak they also did pinholes and all the repairs were done on the inside. You need to get all the air out of tube when done, make sure the threads are free of adhesive and store in the freezer when you are done.
  5. Kev-mo

    Suggestions for Kayak Research

    Thanks for the replies so far! Ed, thanks for the demo day. Eric, I'm leaning towards your side of the fence with regard to weight and portability. However I don't think I can go with a sit in. I've been in a couple of those in scouts and was not comfortable at all! I'd also like the ability to do an overnight trip but maybe that is asking too much as lighter kayak also means lighter carrying capacity.
  6. Mittens don't work so good for fishing... believe me I tried.
  7. Kev-mo


    Nothing up here, the dry air/wind from the N/NE pushed it S/SW.
  8. Kev-mo

    What do you do next?

    You have a fish follow in and turn away... what do you do next? It depends.... had a fish swirl once and let out 10 feet of line, stuck rod a foot or so in water and let the crank waffle in the current and he came back and ate it. Mostly just figure the fish saw me and go back to what I was doing. You have a fish hit and miss him..what do you do next? It depends... if I stop and think for a half second I do nothing and then continue to work the lure, maybe change the retrieve a little. When not thinking I reel up and recast. You catch a fish...what next. The happy dance of course! Recast hoping there are some more there. You get a couple out of one spot and then nothing..what next. Used to move on, now I'll change to a similar lure with different action or even slow down going from a crank to a jig. Although if I'm limited on time I'll figure I got the active fish and will move on to find other active fish. Glad to see you posting again. Always enjoyed your posts, questions, diagrams etc. and they made think more critically about how I fished.
  9. Kev-mo

    Ron Kurasz has Passed Away

    Truly very sad. I didn't know him as well as others but glad to have known him. He'll be missed.
  10. Kev-mo

    off the grid(ish) midwest trip

    X2 on the lower Wisconsin! Did a trip with my boys/scouts I think it was 2 summers ago.... anyway caught fish and would have caught more had it been primarily a fishing weekend. Beautiful area! Probably less paddlers during the week.... if you do go on a weekend have a few options for which island/sandbar you are going to camp on as they fill up quickly. Maybe get there a little early in the evening. Also be sure to bring the long sand stakes for your tent. They saved us from a tent collapse during a pretty wicked storm.
  11. Kev-mo

    Looking for Pictures

    Scott, do you actually need pictures or are you just looking to augment and/or get a few new ones in the slideshow?
  12. Kev-mo

    NW Region 2/17/18

    Thanks Ed! Also was more concerned about restaurant. I would drive myself as might visit youngest man child while out there.
  13. Kev-mo

    NW Region 2/17/18

    Is there maybe room for one more to make it a baker's dozen if things work out for me?
  14. Kev-mo

    Excited to be a part of the club!

    Welcome. Make sure you come to the Blowout March 3.
  15. Kev-mo

    Shawnee National Forest in February

    If the weather cooperates you could be fishing around here in late Feb / early March... one suggestion would be the driftless for trout if you are hankering to get away sooner than later.
  16. Kev-mo

    Flasher Help

    Not sure if this is better posted under Gear or Open Discussion... Anyway, I have an older Hummingbird Flasher that I used to use for ice fishing and also on rental boats. I haven't used it in years... or charged the battery... The battery is a zercom 12 volt, something you would use with the more modern ice fishing flashers.. I threw it on the charger last weekend for a couple days and according to the voltmeter it is charged. However the flasher won't run. The only other time the flasher would not work is when the battery wasn't charged enough. I'm wondering if the battery is shot even though it reads charged. Kind of like my car battery that needed replacing last week, the interior lights came on etc. but it wouldn't start the car. Anybody have any thought/ideas? Anybody have a battery they know for sure works so I can test my theory? I suppose I could just buy a battery... really just want to see if the unit still works. Not sure when I'll actually use it again so don't really want to buy a battery and have that one go bad from sitting.
  17. Kev-mo

    Flasher Help

    Thanks Scott. The battery is probably shot. The unit does have a fuse on the power wire.
  18. Kev-mo

    Flasher Help

    Don't know a lot about electricity but I would think the amp output from a car battery would be too high...??
  19. Kev-mo

    Some Sad News

    Very sad indeed.
  20. Kev-mo

    photo test

    That's most definitely a deer!! You have recognizable hooves, antlers, hair eyes etc. It's not like some random skeleton that could potentially be identified as any number of ungulate species...
  21. Kev-mo

    photo test

    Alpaca what?
  22. Kev-mo

    photo test

  23. Kev-mo

    photo test

    That's awesome!
  24. Kev-mo

    photo test

    Lol! At least he didn't post any deer photos ...