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  1. Welcome Scott! Please circle May 16th on your calendar to come help out the ISA at this years DuPage River Sweep clean up effort!
  2. Thanks to all who stopped by the ISA booth at this past weekend's Expo that took place in Schaumburg (Jan 23-26). The Expo was well attended and we saw many members and friends of the ISA at our booth this year. It was a successful weekend for the ISA at the Expo as we obtained 6 new members and sold a number of Blowout tickets. A special thanks goes out to Scott Ferguson who set up, took down, and worked most of the 4 day show. Thank you to John Lobach, Ed Buric,, Kevin Daly and Mike Gillig for working and volunteering at the Show. If I missed anyone please let me know.
  3. That too as well as dam removal. Now if we could do the same on the Fox, can you imagine what kind of fishery it could become.
  4. A pleasant surprise, seeing clean tributaries like these dumping into the DesPlaines river help to explain why the smallmouth is making a big comeback in the DesPlaines River!
  5. Thanks for posting Mark. Couldn't access the link. Is Grant Creek the same as Grant River near Galena?
  6. I've come to the conclusion the issue is confusing for a reason, State attempting to balancing rights of land owners vs. outdoorsman without upsetting both. For private access best bet IMO is to get permission from landowner to access and take out.
  7. Hard to beat the combo of delicious Passero's pizza and end of year smallmouth talk with ISA members. Looking forward to see everyone at the Pizza Party.
  8. The new record holder, Joe Capilupo, has accepted our invite to attend our next Blowout as an honorary guest.
  9. Due to business conflict I can't get out of I won't be able to make tonight's dinner and will have to miss out on a meal from my favorite Thai restaurant. Have fun everyone and hope you have a great turnout.Get some good pics!
  10. Amazing! Lake Michigan catch I see as many predicted.
  11. If only I could have scored scored catches from the Menominee, maybe next years tourney will be held during our road trip, only problem is no boat catches are allowed.
  12. Really enjoyed participating in the tournament and format. Some really impressive Illinois smallmouth caught by the leaders. I caught most of my fish on fly rod with topwater bugle bug popper. Was a tournament of missed opportunities for me as the big fish were there for the taking but I couldn't seem to land one for a variety of reasons. Impressive last minute charge by Colin to take the win. Looking forward to the next one.
  13. The Missouri Smallmouth Alliance is hosting this float/wading/camping outing the weekend of Sept 20-22 on the Meramec River near St. Louis. See below for more information. Should be a great trip on what I understand to be a very good smallmouth stream in Missouri not far from Illinois border. If interested send email to: Missourismallmouthalliance@gmail.com. Fall Outing. September 20-22 @ Meramec Scenic View Mark your calendars and sign up today for this event at the Meramec Scenic View Resort. Gregg Lamb, one of our fellow members is the owner and we'll have access to some great water. Fishing: You have at least 3 different floating/fishing options: Birds Nest to Garrison’s Garrison’s to MSV and MSV to Onondaga. We can self-shuttle to any of these locations. Both the Courtois and Huzzah are also close by. If you don’t want to float you can easily wade up and down from Greg’s gravel bar or the lower Huzzah is about a 15 minute drive and you can wade there. Dining: We’re providing diner on Friday; breakfast, lunch, and dinner on Saturday, and breakfast on Sunday. BYOB. Campfire on Friday and Saturday night. Lodging: Greg’s lodge sleeps 16-18 people. Full bathrooms, showers, kitchen. (take a look at the website). MSV isn’t a crazy campground. This is a very laid back, and quiet location. RSVP So is this free? Unfortunately not, but for $35 per night per person will pay for your lodging and food for the weekend. If you can just make it for the day, please come out and fish, hang out, eat, and just enjoy a beautiful spot. Please donate at least $10 so that we can cover all of our expenses. This is a very low-stress, fun, and relaxing way to get out and fish a really nice section of the Meramec while meeting and having fun with some of your fellow MSA members. RSVP by simply replying to this email!! Have questions? Reply to his email.
  14. Hopefully the new Agricultural Department Administration will be more receptive to the desires of the community. It sounds like the only recourse may be the voting booth, and letting governmental officials in charge know how you feel about the Agricultural department not listening to the constituents.
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