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  1. It seems certain this won't help the Middle Fork coal ash issue: Coal lobbyist-turned-EPA chief Andrew Wheeler's first act as administrator is to roll back standards on coal ash disposal 11:36 a.m. ET ELVIS BARUKCIC/AFP/Getty Images Acting EPA chief Andrew Wheeler, a former coal lobbyist, just signed his first major regulatory amendment — making it easier for corporations to discard coal ash however they see fit. The Environmental Protection Agency on Wednesday finalized a rule that rolls back standards for disposing of the toxic ash produced by burning coal, The Hill reports. The amendment was in the works for several months, but when Wheeler took over for Scott Pruitt earlier this month, he took the reigns. Pruitt resigned as EPA administrator following a string of ethics scandals. The amendment backpedals on regulations put in place by the Obama administration, which mandated strict federal standards for coal ash disposal in 2015. In a statement, the EPA said relaxing the standards would save $31.4 million a year in regulatory costs, as states are given authority to loosen or waive requirements for companies. "These amendments provide states and utilities much-needed flexibility in the management of coal ash, while ensuring human health and the environment are protected," said Wheeler in the statement. Environmental groups disagree, reports The Hill, and immediately condemned the measure as dangerous to groundwater and air pollution. Companies with lax standards may not be required to monitor whether coal ash leaches into surrounding groundwater and will have extended deadlines to reduce coal ash disposal. The EPA has also loosened pollution standards on acceptable levels of lead, lithium, cobalt, and molybdenum in groundwater. Read more at The Hill. Summer Meza
  2. The rain shower we received early Saturday morning was all we needed to help cool things off for this years water willow planting on the Dupage River. 13 ISA members volunteered their time and elbow grease at this year's planting that took place at the Garys Mill Rd bridge near Warrenville. ISA members, with the help of Jessie DiMartini, planted 11 flats of water willows and other water plants. ISA members joined for a hearty breakfast following the activities. Thank you to all that helped out. Here are some pictures from the event. Hopefully others can supplement with photos they took.
  3. Bart Durham

    Fox river float

    We hope to get this rescheduled soon.
  4. Bart Durham

    Bronzeback Cup Fly Tournament

    Hot and sweaty is probably the best way to describe it. Our team, including ISA members Mark L and VanH fished the Kankakee in the morning and Dupe in the afternoon. We sheared off one of the three blades on my prop in our first run up river on the Kankakee and it pretty much doomed us for the day. Fishing was very difficult for everyone and all teams as I later learned . I think it was the heat. Most of the teams struggled fishing wise with some of the teams getting skunked. We caught 5 fish, two dinks, a 9 ", 11.5." and 13" for the day. Only a fish over 12" qualified so we had only one qualifying fish. I caught a 1 lb rock bass on topwater on the Kankakee that was the biggest rock bass I've ever caught. VanH caught his 13" on the proverbial, "last cast of the day". The winning team, a brother group from Woodridge that floated the Kankakee in a raft and also caught the largest fish at 19.5" not sure what their team total was. The second place team was at 31" I believe so we weren't far out of the running if you counted all our fish!. The barbecue at the award presentation was delicious. Mike and Kurt put on a great event. Met a lot of great guys at the presentation and look forward to next year's event.
  5. John, these double barrel poppers look great and will be interested to hear how these work after the water gets back down.
  6. Bart Durham

    Kankakee River Float, June 23

    As feared the rains hit hard last night. The CFS is at 11,000 this morning and rising. Tomorrow’s float is cancelled due to conditions and we will try to reschedule before season is over..
  7. Bart Durham

    Kankakee River Float, June 23

    Unfortunately with the heavy rain today it looks doubtful for Saturday but we'll wait until tomorrow to make the final call.
  8. We're going to try to do this float on Saturday but of course mother nature is calling for rain all day Friday. We'll monitor the weather on Friday and if all goes well, will plan to meet at Warner Bridge parking lot at 8 am on Saturday morning to set up shuttle. We'll plan to float from Bird Island to Warner Bridge, about a 6 hour float, depending on how hard you fish. Let me know if your interested to get a head count.
  9. I stopped by the Dupage River near Butterfield Road yesterday to check out how our water willows looked that the ISA planted two years ago. I was pleased to see the water willows are flourishing in this area and doing their great work in filtering the river and creating smallmouth habitat. Here are a couple of photos of the area we planted.
  10. Boogle has been working well for me. I think the Dupage smallies like the rubber legs.
  11. Bart Durham


    Mike said if we can get the gear to him at Herrick Lake around 7 am he can take it from there. I'm not sure but I think Rich may have some of the games, etc as well.
  12. Bart Durham


    Either he or Rich.
  13. Bart Durham

    Suggestions for Kayak Research

    I like the garage hoist concept!
  14. Bart Durham


    Mike, as you know we love helping out on this great event and hope to again this year. Will you able to work with us this year and help with organization?
  15. Bart Durham

    2018 DuPage River Sweep

    The crew after our cleanup efforts: