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  1. Both pairs had the Boca tighting system that could have something to do with it but I have to say I do like the Boca system and would like to keep it if possible. My main concern is they be light, comfortable and durable. Probably not something that is easy to manufacture. I'm going to check out the brands both Kevins' mentioned. ,
  2. Last two pairs I bought busted at the seams after a season's use. Any recommendations for a light but durable wading boot that are good to walk/hike in?
  3. Thanks to all that attended the Blowout and helped make it a successful event. I believe everyone that attended the Blowout had a good time, filled their bellys with bbq and brisket and many left with raffle prizes or guided trips. We had 5 new members sign ups and 7 membership renewals with most being for 3 year commitments.
  4. Gordon, let them play hooky to join us and come out to help clean up the river! I'm sure we can incorporate a rock music lesson in as well.
  5. Please circle Saturday, May 18th on your calendar this year to work with the ISA and others on this year's Dupage River Sweep. More information to follow.
  6. Lets give her a chance first before we hang her out to dry. I can assure you this administration will do more for conservation and environmental protections and concerns than the last one. I look forward to meeting and working with her and the new administration. .
  7. BTW for those who attended over the weekend you probably noticed the ISA had one of the best booth locations for the show closest to the entry in the main gymnasium. Some great PR for the ISA . I was able to catch part of the seminars from former ISA president Jonn Graham and longtime ISA supporter Mike Milandic and they were both outstanding.
  8. Thanks Scott for putting in all the time this weekend for what looks like a very well attended event based on yesterday's observations. Thank you Dick G and Mitchell S for helping out as well!
  9. Scott, I can help out let me know if Saturday or Sunday is best.
  10. These new boats look interesting and stable to stand for fly/spin fishing but probably not real nimble for stream fishing. https://blueskyboatworks.com
  11. Mark said he was outstanding, we are looking to bring him in for future speaking events.
  12. I believe Eric mentioned at one time the Chain of Lakes releases water this time of year, but as you mentioned far northern Illinois and southern Wisconsin did get a good bit of rain this year.
  13. Wasn't one doink enough? Misery to watch, especially in person. Unfortunately the Bears didn't play their best game and Folks has been there before.
  14. Paul, haven't heard anything on Powerton but I bet that would be a blast. With a few warm days in a row, and great conditions today, the odds may be good for a winter smallmouth fisherman. Unfortunately, today is out for me as I'm going to Bears-Packers game to see if Bears can clinch the division!.
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