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    Kayak fishing and fly fishing for smallmouth on local rivers and tributaries.

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  1. Bart Durham

    Blue Sky Boats

    These new boats look interesting and stable to stand for fly/spin fishing but probably not real nimble for stream fishing. https://blueskyboatworks.com
  2. Bart Durham

    Jim Crowley Speaking Event

    Mark said he was outstanding, we are looking to bring him in for future speaking events.
  3. Bart Durham

    Fox water level.

    I believe Eric mentioned at one time the Chain of Lakes releases water this time of year, but as you mentioned far northern Illinois and southern Wisconsin did get a good bit of rain this year.
  4. Bart Durham

    The Bears

    Wasn't one doink enough? Misery to watch, especially in person. Unfortunately the Bears didn't play their best game and Folks has been there before.
  5. Bart Durham

    Better see some reports

    Paul, haven't heard anything on Powerton but I bet that would be a blast. With a few warm days in a row, and great conditions today, the odds may be good for a winter smallmouth fisherman. Unfortunately, today is out for me as I'm going to Bears-Packers game to see if Bears can clinch the division!.
  6. Bart Durham

    Better see some reports

    Dupe is looking appetizing, with forecast of 40s, low wind and partly sunny tomorrow, not bad for mid December.
  7. Bart Durham


    Great Pizza party last night! Thanks Ed for putting it together. Perfect room for the party.
  8. Bart Durham

    Meeting @ Thai garden

    Great turnout last night! Really enjoyed the great food, camaraderie and smallmouth discussions. Thanks to all that attended and special thanks to Tom Loo for hosting the dinner.
  9. ISA member Steve Schmidt called me to advise he will be joining us tomorrow as a spin fisherman.
  10. The Vermillion is down to below 50 cfs and will require dragging our kayaks in a number of places. Also, Wildcat will be even more difficult to get through at this low stage. After consulting with John and Manney we've decided to make this a wade trip instead of a float trip. We'll still meet at Canoe launch near the Lowell bridge at 7 am. and go to our fishing locations from there. John will likely take the spin fisherman to his stretch and Manney will take the fly fisherman to his stretch. We'll fish 4-6 hours and have lunch afterwards. Should be a fun outing.
  11. Barring any major downpours this week we will be floating the Vermillion River next Saturday, September 15, 2018. We'll float the stretch between the Rt. 178 bridge near Lowell and the boat ramp at the Rt. 23 bridge in Ogelsby. This is a lengthy float (approximately 9 miles) and will take most of the day. It will take us through the Carlson Nature Preserve and Matthiessen State Park. There are 2 places we may need to portage around (Wildcat and the Mill) but we will have John Gillio accompany us to figure out the safest way through these two locations. We will plan to meet at the Vermillion River Canoe Launch located at the Route 178 Bridge near Lowell, Illinois at 7:00 am to set up our shuttle. You will need to bring a lunch and drink as we will plan to stop for lunch along the way. Also don't forget PFD device and polaroid sunglasses, hat and sunscreen. Please let us know if you can join us.
  12. Bart Durham

    Kish Outiing Date Change

    Good times on the Kish!
  13. Bart Durham

    ISA Road Trip 2018.

    I returned late Tuesday night after spending 4 fantastic days at the ISA retreat on the Menomonee River. John Loebach, Alan Sherman, Larry Creekmur, Ed Buric and I couldn't have picked a better 4 days for our north woods trip. The weather was perfect, the water was at median flow and the giant smallmouth were hungry. The topwater whopper plopper and weighted streamers in current were the most successful methods for me. We all caught a lot of big fish and no one left disappointed. I couldn't have asked for a better group of guys to spend the long weekend with. We had delicious homecooked meals each night we all enjoyed sitting around the fire pit each evening discussing our day's activities and solving all the world's problems. The top water pike bite was hot during our trip as well and I caught this one directly across from the cabin. They loved the whopper plopper as did the big smallmouth: We saw several large sturgeon during our floats and I couldn't believe I caught one when I was by myself and snagged one (about 4 feet long) by dorsal fin on way back to boat ramp from lodge on my last float of the trip. I was able to release it with my hemostats with no harm to fish This last float on Tuesday may have been the best fishing of the trip. Alan had given me a few of a barbless weighted fly he tied that was a variation of the Harry Fodder fly. Please forgive me Alan but I don't recall the fly'sname. The smallmouth loved fly and were slamming it on this trip. I still have to get used to using the barbless hook as I lost several trophy sized smallmouths that threw the hook but I had a blast during the process .