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    Kayak fishing and fly fishing for smallmouth on local rivers and tributaries.
  1. Ron Kurasz has Passed Away

    I invited Ron's brother, Alan, to the Blowout, he indicated he would love to be here to share in and listen to stories about Ron, but unfortunately his work prevents him from being able to come this year. He asked that we send him photographs of Ron that we put together. I don't think Alan would mind if I share with you this tidbit from his email: I can still remember when he was learning to fly fish. He would be out in the middle of winter after a snowfall and would be practicing his casting across our front lawn and that of the neighbors (we lived at W 83rd St near Pulaski Ave in Chicago). I am still amazed at the length of line that he could throw out and the accuracy. i think he could land a fly in a coffee can at plus 50 yards.
  2. This Tequeely for Ronnie

    I'll have a Gin & Tonic with you on that and what a nice gesture Tom. Ron had a strong influence on a lot of us and I will cherish the fishing we did together including those Steelhead trips to Milwaukee the three of us made together and our talks at the coffee shop after a cold day on the water and drive home.
  3. Ron Kurasz has Passed Away

    I’m so sorry to hear this. We lost a great person and fly fisherman. What a gut punch, we became great friends over the years and fished the big horn in Montana last year and the upper Wisconsin with Abe Downs last August. I’ll miss his wit and wisdom, his social commentary and his fly fishing acumen. Peace be with you Ron.
  4. Feedback to Bart

    Mike, thanks for feedback. Hopefully, we'll get more and will discuss all at upcoming officer's meeting.
  5. Here is recent investigative story from Chicago Tribune on the subject: http://www.chicagotribune.com/news/ct-met-illinois-scenic-river-coal-pollution-20180130-story.html#share=email~story
  6. Thanks Rob. What a beautiful Illinois stream. Dynegy must be held accountable and do the right thing to make the repairs and cleanup necessary to save this beautiful stream for future generations to come. Last weekend I traveled through Galatia, Illinois near the former Kerr Magee Coal mine in southern Illinois and was astonished to see the huge gob pile outside the mine that stretched for miles and miles. Who will pay for the cleanup of this awful gob pile which must have a toxic drainage effect on local land and streams?
  7. This year's river sweep cleanup will take place on Saturday, May 19, 2018. The ISA hopes to have a big presence this year, please mark your calendars. More information to follow.
  8. Shawnee National Forest in February

    Some fascinating information about the Shawnee Stram habitat, my grandfather taught me to fish on these Kentucky and Illinois streams leading into the Ohio near Cave In Rock. The crappie fishing could be incredible in these streams and the river crappie are strong fighters not to mention delicious eating. I always wondered why smallmouth could not thrive in these streams but now know the reason. Thanks Saluki!
  9. Bristol Bay, Alaska

    I understand the EPA has reversed course denying the mine permit and saving the salmon habitat, perhaps the Menomonie has hope!
  10. ISA Road Trip 2018 SOLD OUT

    Scott, count me in if still available. Sweet looking boat btw.
  11. Shawnee National Forest in February

    Lusk Creek near Eddyville is a pretty cool fly fishing area. Can wade but kayak would be helpful.

    I can make it after all, save a slice for me!
  13. Facebook - Check out our ISA Facebook page

    We plan to overhaul and upgrade our website in the new year. We are hoping to find a member "webmaster" to oversee the changes in our website and to maintain the website. My President's Page article in the next newsletter addresses this issue. Any ISA members with IT knowledge or website experience that would have interest in helping the ISA with the website upgrade please contact Scott Ferguson or myself.
  14. Lefty's Latest

    Very nice story, what an honor to have fished with a legend. Thanks for sharing Rob and thanks for the post Mike.
  15. http://www.cnn.com/2017/10/10/politics/bristol-bay-salmon-invs/index.html