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    Kayak fishing and fly fishing for smallmouth on local rivers and tributaries.

    I can make it after all, save a slice for me!
  2. Facebook - Check out our ISA Facebook page

    We plan to overhaul and upgrade our website in the new year. We are hoping to find a member "webmaster" to oversee the changes in our website and to maintain the website. My President's Page article in the next newsletter addresses this issue. Any ISA members with IT knowledge or website experience that would have interest in helping the ISA with the website upgrade please contact Scott Ferguson or myself.
  3. Lefty's Latest

    Very nice story, what an honor to have fished with a legend. Thanks for sharing Rob and thanks for the post Mike.
  4. http://www.cnn.com/2017/10/10/politics/bristol-bay-salmon-invs/index.html
  5. What kind of freshwater invertebrate is this ?

    Looks like a senko to me, lol.
  6. C & C Orvis vs Powell

    I was surprised they still had the pieces but the rep said they kept some when they discontinued the rod for this reason.
  7. Heading to Wausau WI-any recommendations?

    Fished the Wisconsin River near Wausau with Ron K and guide Abe Downs in August. Abe is a great fly fishing guide based out of Stevens Point and got us on some big smallmouth, I would give him a call if your in the area. We wanted to hit Point Brewery in Stevens Point but didn't have the time. Really liked the quaint and peaceful town of Stevens Point and wish I could have stayed longer.
  8. C & C Orvis vs Powell

    Ron, Hardy ended up replacing my end two pieces I lost in the mishap on the Menominee. I just had to pay the $75 warranty fee. Now I have my favorite smallmouth rod back, my Hardy Proaxis Sintrix #7!
  9. Camp Kish 2017

    Looking forward to seeing everyone tomorrow, finally the weather is cooperating, and conditions look very good. Paul, I was in Rockford on business on Wednesday and stopped by Cherry Valley around noon to check out the river and think I saw you walking to the river. I yelled your name but lots of traffic at intersection. By the way the water look fantastic. Can't wait till tomorrow!
  10. Camp Kish 2017

    Terry, looks like Mark and I can make it up to float on Saturday but have to return Saturday evening if we can make that work within your plans.
  11. Lefty Still Talking

    Enjoyed the read, thanks Mike!
  12. Scott I may need to switch my weekend to this one due to the solar eclipse (have to be in southern Illinois on the 21st) will that work?
  13. Mazon River

    There has to be a happy medium between respecitng landowner's rights and the public's right to use the waterway. I've actually found the landowners around the Mazon to be quite friendly if you are respectful to them. The one time I asked a landowner for permission to access his property to wade fish I was granted permission. I spoke to another landowner who gave me his phone number and said I could park on his property if I ever needed river access. The current landowner adjoining Oxbow bridge will allow you access if you call him and introduce yourself. His phone number is posted next to bridge. Every time I meet these people I stress I am a member of ISA, a steward of the river and respectful of landowner's rights and will not pollute. I think thats what most landowners really want to know. I have never had a bad experience with a landowner when fishing the Mazon. I wouldn't be deterred from fishing the Mazon, otherwise, your missing out on fishing one of Illinois' great smallmouth streams.
  14. New Member

    Welcome aboard Rory, look forward to meeting you soon!
  15. Mazon River

    One of my favorite Illinois smallmouth rivers both for its fishing and scenery. As indicated above there are some issues with floating the river but personally I've never encountered a major problem. To really learn the river and not have to deal with the issues mentioned, you should schedule a trip with fellow ISA member Mike Allen of Midwest Waters Angling. He knows the Mazon as well as anyone and will get you on some great smallmouth action.