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  1. Bronzeback Newsletter

    I also did not receive mine. I checked junk mail and all other gmail categories and nothing
  2. I'm not seeing the waiver forms.. am I missing something?
  3. I should be able to make it for a couple hours.
  4. Fox River Float, May 6th

    The Fox is 4200 cfs this morning. While coming down, I feel it will not be down enough for a safe yak trip for this Saturday. Sadly I'm pulling the plug for the float. I'll look at the calendar again and come up with plan C Have an enjoyable weekend
  5. Fox River Float, May 6th

    I'll check the water levels next Thursday the 11th to make a determination. So far, I'm not overly optimistic it will be down and cleared up enough. Stay tuned
  6. Impromptu Dupe Float

    Nice write up and pics. Thanks everyone that attended. The more the merrier
  7. Barring the unforeseen, I can make it for a few hours, then off to another commitment.
  8. Impromptu Dupe Float

    Pretty certain I will be in since I'll miss the Kish float
  9. Water Usage Stamps for Illinois small watercraft.

    Thanks Terry, that's what I thought. I only get the stickers from Dicks in Oswego and only when one person is working. He is the only one that know the whole scoop, adhesive portion as well. ;(
  10. tying @ Dupage FF Thursday 3/16 6pm

    I am planning on attending. Does this start at 6 or 6:30?
  11. Water Usage Stamps for Illinois small watercraft.

    So you need a registration sticker and water usage sticker? Is that right. I guess I thought once the water usage sticker came into play, that took the place of the registration. Please correct me. Thanks
  12. hollow pleyes

    love it
  13. Pulled the trigger on new Yak

    OMG..took me a bit to catch that, but once gotten, I laughed for some time :-)
  14. Pulled the trigger on new Yak

    Congrats. You will love it, that's what have been in for couple years now.