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  1. Mark Lutz

    Fox Kayak Trip May 12th

    Sorry Guys I was really looking forward to this event, but I am cancelling it. I will look at the calendar and schedule another one very soon.
  2. Mark Lutz

    Fox Kayak Trip May 12th

    This is the latest weather forecast for the area we will be in the morning. I am inclined to reschedule. I do not mind a little drizzle, but I do mind lightning and there are chances of rain, lightening and thunderstorms. I want it to fun, but also safe. If this trend continues by 5pm, I'm calling it and rescheduling. Stay tuned
  3. Mark Lutz

    Teckel Sprinker Frog

    thanks for sharing. Looks like a winner
  4. Mark Lutz

    Fox Kayak Trip May 12th

    I'll keep everyone posted up to the date. Looks like we have several bouts of rain challenges coming our wayover the next couple days and Saturday appears right now to be a potential washout. Lets hope for a clearing.
  5. Mark Lutz

    Fox Kayak Trip May 12th

    Love to have you. The river can be a bit more challenging, I have gotten to like it better than lake.
  6. Mark Lutz

    Fox Kayak Trip May 12th

    Truethfully, I have not been on the river yet. I will do a drive by today and see how its doing.
  7. Mark Lutz

    Fox Kayak Trip May 12th

    yup..it has been on the calendar for a month. I don't think people say it on the calendar that was entered. I'm not too worried, we can always make another date.
  8. Mark Lutz

    Mike Allen Seminar for OBTU May 16th

    where is this held?
  9. Hello Fello Kayakers, This event has been on the calendar for some time and it's almost here. Hopefully you've seen it. Depending on the weather and turn out, I have a couple route options. A long and short trip potentials. We will start at either downtown Aurora or Montgomery Dam to Oswego or Saw Wee Kee. Please let me know if you are planning on attending so I can plan accordingly. I'll be keeping an eye on the weather and the levels with the impending rain coming our way. Cross your fingers
  10. Mark Lutz

    Bronzeback Newsletter

    I also did not receive mine. I checked junk mail and all other gmail categories and nothing
  11. I'm not seeing the waiver forms.. am I missing something?
  12. I should be able to make it for a couple hours.
  13. Mark Lutz

    Fox River Float, May 6th

    The Fox is 4200 cfs this morning. While coming down, I feel it will not be down enough for a safe yak trip for this Saturday. Sadly I'm pulling the plug for the float. I'll look at the calendar again and come up with plan C Have an enjoyable weekend