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  1. As usual very cool and creative. Thanks Tom
  2. Jay, I'm glad you are getting out. It wil take abit to get the nack for river Smallies, but worth the effort. Once the IL restrictions are lifted, we will try to arrange for some get togethers and fishing outings again.
  3. I cannot make it until around noon. Hope that helps
  4. I have been using Korkers for years and with great success and longevity. The most recent pair is with the Boca system and the Korkers also allow for base changes. ie: rubber, felt or rubber with grips.
  5. Hi Scott

    I was trying to send you an intersting article via email, yet I discovered that I do not have it. 

    Could you please send it to me?  Thanks

  6. ok, There were several of you that PM'd me with interst. Thanks for the response We should meet at the Seil Road Park in Shorewood around 7-7:15. We can then set up shuttles. SHORT TRIP: Siel Rd to Shepley Rd (about 4-5 hours) LONG TRIP: Siel Rd to McEvily Rd. (about 5-7 hours) Hope to see everyone there GPS Link: https://www.google.com/maps/place/Seil+Rd,+Shorewood,+IL+60404/@41.5073681,-88.2093825,220m/data=!3m1!1e3!4m5!3m4!1s0x880e89877c6b211d:0x9b99bf87dab17f4c!8m2!3d41.5070914!4d-88.2005412?hl=en&authuser=0 Short Trip:
  7. I am in the final stages of determing where, when etcc for the float on Saturday. Originally it was intended for the Mazon. Evidently that is the only area in the state that has not seen rain, because it is at the lowest Ive seen it. It is about half of what it was when we floated it on the 12th and we had to drag then. We are making a determination of either relocating to the lower Dupage River or the Fox River. I will confere with Bart NLT Thursday and advise. Either way, please respond to me via PM if you still have an interest before we set it up. Thanks and I hope it works for all.
  8. Sorry Guys I was really looking forward to this event, but I am cancelling it. I will look at the calendar and schedule another one very soon.
  9. This is the latest weather forecast for the area we will be in the morning. I am inclined to reschedule. I do not mind a little drizzle, but I do mind lightning and there are chances of rain, lightening and thunderstorms. I want it to fun, but also safe. If this trend continues by 5pm, I'm calling it and rescheduling. Stay tuned
  10. I'll keep everyone posted up to the date. Looks like we have several bouts of rain challenges coming our wayover the next couple days and Saturday appears right now to be a potential washout. Lets hope for a clearing.
  11. Love to have you. The river can be a bit more challenging, I have gotten to like it better than lake.
  12. Truethfully, I have not been on the river yet. I will do a drive by today and see how its doing.
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