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Saturday, August 11th we'll do a bit of clean up of the Fox river at Glenwood park in Batavia along with a morning of smallmouth fishing. Fly rod, spinning gear or bait casting whatever you prefer.

Then our own chef Spiz is going to work his culinary magic on some pork chop sandwiches for our picnic lunch.We'll have some pop, water and the condiments to go along with the sandwiches. Any one that would care to bring something to add to the lunch feel free to do so. I'll probably bring some dill pickles to share.

I expect this to be the THE social event of the Summer season so don't be left out. Please let us know if you plan to attend so that we can plan accordingly.


You can RSVP here if you like



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Rich . . . tried sending you the following email, but received a message that you cannot receive emails. So I'll attempt to contact you via this post.



Good Day, Rich . . . question for you. Does Shabbona Lake experience a "Fall Bite" of crappie, bass, walleye and muskie? If so, please keep me apprised . . . plan to bring my boat out this Fall, and if you're available, would enjoy have you onboard. Maybe Jude could join us as well.


Steve Kollmann


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