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Fly rod tip repair

Ryan Kral

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Hey guys, last year I broke about 6 inches off my 3wt fly rod. It was a 7'6" rod to begin with. Is it possible to put a new tip top guide on the broken end? Obviously a different diameter due to the taper. Cheap rod to begin with, but I would hate to just toss the rod if dont have to, it would just be a backup rod now. Thanks, Ryan

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For a lot of $$$, you could probably find someone who could put a small splint inside that tip. and make it look like new. But the action will not be quite the same. So you have the best idea. You should be able to do it yourself especially if you can get along without perfectly matched thread wraps.


Try this:


1. Remove the tip guide from the broken section. Heat from a candle or other source will usually break the bond.

2. Even off the broken end of your tip if it is jagged. A fine tooth saw or file should work.

3. See if the old tip fits. If not get one from a source like Netcraft. They start at a little over a dollar. Or take one of a beater rod you are not using anymore.

4. Glue the new tip on with 2 PT epoxy so you can get it off if it happens again.

5. If it bothers you, add thread wraps or paint the joint to match the wrappings. Coat with 2 Pt epoxy.


Go fish.

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6" is a lot to lose especially from such a short,light rod & will likely result in clunky action.Before going to any expense/effort I'd call Corens for their opinion re if it's worth trying to salvage it.Sometimes the horse just has to be shot.

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