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Hello and Thanks

Tim A

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Hi everyone,


I want to greet everyone as a new registrant to the site. I have been registered for a few days, but haven't posted until now. I've been perusing the site and I think it is a very helpful and friendly atmosphere. I am not yet an ISA member, but am highly considering it. I attended the fly tying show out in Bensenville last weekend and--though it was humble in size--I enjoyed the few hours I spent there and met some good folks. A fly tier named Cory G. entertained me with his deer hair stacking skills for good chunk of time, and I learned a number of tips from him. He even gave me a finished bass bug popper, which looks like a real fish-catcher. No doubt it will be in my box come Spring. I may be attending the Outdoorsmen show this weekend but not sure yet.


About myself, I've lived in Chicago for going on 2 years now, and have fished a few inland rivers (DP, Fox, IL) but mostly fish the big lake since I am located in the city itself. For the same reason, I also have limited access to a car so my explorations of new fishing spots has been slower than I'd like. I used to live in Ohio, where I was more "in the know" and had a hundred spots to pick from depending on the weather and season. I hope I can attend some get-togethers with ISA folks in 2012 to broaden my knowledge of IL waters. I fish with both fly gear and spin gear, but I am increasingly obsessed with the fly. I pick up the spinning rods less and less. I tie a ton of flies for fresh- and saltwater as I go on a few budget trips to the coast each season. And I'm glad this forum and ISA are centered around smallmouth, because they are one of my favorite freshwater species. But I'm not above carp or drum or gar, especially on a fly rod. So if you're going out to target some "trash" and need to split some gas money, let me know. I also used to kayak fish a lot in OH, but I have nowhere to store my MantaRay12 here. If you need a second kayak angler and have a spare yak, I'm game.


I'll stop blabbing for now, but I want to say thanks for allowing me into your network and for the helpful information I've gathered from the site so far. I hope to participate readily and meet some fellow anglers.


-Tim A.


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Guest rich mc

welcome . i remember talking with you about your ohio background. we showed you the worm fly. if you live in the city you have great smallies at your doorstep. we have done a few lakefront outings in the past . rich mc

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Welcome Tim.

Like Terry said keep your eyes peeled for the outings. We also do a " float your boat" . Meaning we share our watercrafts for others to test out.

We also have a few "cast and compare" This is a big event with a LOT of fly rods to test out from several manufactures.


Really hope to see you become a member. The rewards are even better.

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Hi Tim,

Glad you enjoyed the Fly Show and the deer hair bass bug. Thanks for you interest in the ISA.

If you would really like to connect with a lot of smallmouth enthusiasts, come the Bronzeback Blowout, our club banquet/ fundraiser on March 3rd. Lots of smallmouth conversation and a great speaker (Drew of Coosa Kayak fame).

Hope to see you there.


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Thanks for the replies, guys. Looks like this is a good place to be. All the events sound great, and I had no idea in my first 1.5 years living here that there was so much going on nearby. I'll try to make whatever events I can get to based on schedule, distance, and car access. See you all around the forums and hopefully in person.

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