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Indiana Smallmouth Alliance 2011, 2010 Highlights


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What a great slide show with great pictures of smallmouth and river scenery. Not being very familiar with smallmouth fishing in Indiana, from what Indiana Rivers are most of the fish taken from, if I might ask Brian?

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Thanks fellas. The guys get after it.


Bart- name is Brenden, not Brian ;) .


Myself, I fished 29 rivers and creeks in 2011. I would avoid the southwest areas of the state and portions of the north (swampy or channelized areas). Other than that, get in a river, make long casts in the summer.


Oh, forgot to say, Crank It Up. Clash and Ramones this year. Waits 2010. Youtube didn't like me using Dylan's Times they are a Changing this year :rolleyes: .

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