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Rosemont Outdoor Show, NOT Cancelled

Scott Ferguson

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The Blowout was moved a bit later for a few reasons. The later we go the less chance of a bad snowstorm hurting attendance, another was the amount of work and planning (especially for Scott) coming out of the sport show season. Considering the financial impact of losing 20 plus people not attending due to inclement weather made it prudent to move a bit later. In the spring, every week counts. The hall has been booked by contract and deposits made almost a year ago along with speaker commitments for this year.

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I'm disappointed to see it go. Hard to believe that somebody couldn't pick it up and make it work someplace.

Rosemont was priced out of most efforts though.

Promoters had to pay hundreds of thousands just to think about hosting an event at that place, before booking a single speaker.


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We can always discuss next year's date.

I liked having the blowout earlier in the winter as a cabin fever outlet.By March I'm already starting to get wet.In the unlikely event of bad weather on that date I don't think many people would be discouraged from coming.However if March is appreciably better for Scott who works so hard for this organization than I think it should remain in March.

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