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Well, I'm not sure what Stradic means. Stella is latin for star. Calcutta is a city in India but I think it also refers to some sort of boat and i think Curado is latin or spanish for cure (cure backlashes??). Yeah the naming system is peculiar. Sahara. Okay it's named after a desert

Shimano also makes really nice bicycle parts. They have even goofier names.


I think Shimano should rename all their reels. Mothra, Rodan, Ghidra and of course Godzilla!

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If you look at the first lure...it looks like it should do a great job if you dropped your keys in the water....oh wait...it's a floater...never mind...in that case it looks like it would do a nice job tearing up your buddies face on a back cast when he got too close. :P

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