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Central Region Vermilion Outing

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I will check out the Vermilion River this weekend and post the results for


the outing Sat. the 16. I can be reached at d.franklin5@mchsi.com or


309-830-6465. Please let me know if you plan to attend.


Thanks see ya on the river.

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I will not be there. My step-daughter and two grandkids are flying in from Miami that day.


Saw Dave on the Vermillion on Saturday. Spent about 2 hours fishing just west of Pontiac with only one bluegill to show for it. Then hit the Mackinaw with only one creek chub for the taking.


Dave was telling me that he had spoken with a dnr guy and was told that the ph levels in the Vermillion just aren't right for a healthy smallmouth population. I would agree that something is up, as I haven't had a good outing on the Vermillion (or Mackinaw for that matter) in about 4-5 years. I don't think it is coincidence that that is also when our very wet spring seasons began. My theory (which I have no factual basis for) is large amounts of run off from crop land containing all sorts of fertilizers and chemicals have depleted oxygen levels and wreaked havoc with the water chemistry. I'd like to see a scientific study done on that, but with the state government bleeding cash at an alarming rate I doubt it will ever happen.


Anyway, I hope to make the next outing. Wasn't able to make any last year. I'm having withdrawl!!!



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We will meet at 9:00 on rt. 23 right off the of ramp of Route 74. Coming from the south take exit 201 and turn right


and I will be waiting there in a Green Ranger Ex tended cab. Coming from the north take Rt.23 exit and turn left and


same thing , I will be waiting. Iam going to wade and will help shuttle anyone who want' to float. It is a5 mile


float I'am told.


Please let me know how many are planning to attend.



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Not sure where Dave is getting his info concerning this PH thing but I fish the Vermilion around Pontiac a few days a week...........at least. The river is healthy as I am catching four to five different year classes of fish. Don't know if you follow my blog, but back in April I caught three very large females. Last week or two I have had guide trips on the Vermilion and we are able to catch fish every trip. Had a guy last week hook and land 28 and had many more on. Last year I had clients catch as many as 63 smallies in a five mile float.


While the Mack really does suck, the Vermilion around Pontiac is doing just fine. Matter of fact, I hit the river yesterday evening with the fly rod and in the first 100 yards I had five smallies landed.

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I just want to give a thank you to Dave Franklin for hosting a very enjoyable day on the Vermilion River, west of Pontiac. It was just the two of us, and we were fishing new water. We worked over a few spots quite thoroughly and had quite a few small healthy sunnies and smallies to show for it, along with a nice 15 incher. It was my first time fishing with Dave. He has a diehard passion for wade fishing and makes for some great company. The day passed much too quickly. Thanks Dave for a very enjoyable trip.

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John Gillio and I fished a very stained Vermilian sat. It looked like something was being pumped into the water


from upstream. We caught numbers in the fast water, all small. After a late lunch we tried anoyjer spot and it was ,


crystal clear. We caught numbers and size and then the stained water started flowing and the fishing switch was


clicked off. Still a very good day fishing with John. New river --new friend.


I recall years ago talking to a dnr guy and he is the source of the ph in the river.

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Just got off the Vermilion a few hours ago. Me and a buddy floated five miles and landed 29 with about half of them coming on the fly rod. Nothing huge today, but a couple of 13-14 inchers. Good day for numbers.

Good to see you're doing well with the flyrod.

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