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kish river survey

Guest rich mc

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Guest rich mc

it snuck up on us. the idnr will be doing a survey on the kish next week. i will try and get the date and locations for us to assist them. also the mackinaw will be in afew weeks for you central members. rich

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Don't mean to hound you but if you can post that Kish date as soon as possible I would appreciate it.

Being short handed at work, I need to put in for a vacation day at least 48 hours ahead of time.


Again, I don't mean to hound you.



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Here's the schedule for next week's ahocking. This is the whole thing, but if I remember correctly, they do not want volunteers for the boat sampling. I just thought I'd leave those in in case someone just wanted to watch. If you'd like to help out on the electric seining, please send a P.M. to Rich so he can coordinate with the DNR. Waders are a must, neoprene is preferable.



Gazetteer Page 30-31

9:00 July 11, 2011: Electric Seine - Coal Creek – Rock Island County. In Coal Valley, East 3rd Street (dead end), just east and upstream of the Rt. 150 Bridge crossing.


11:30 July 11, 2011: Electric Seine or boat? - Mill Creek – Rock Island County. On the south edge of Milan at the Rock Island/Milan Beltway Bridge Crossing. Can easily drive down to stream from the southeast side of the bridge. Get on beltway going east to exit down the grass along the shoulder right before the bridge.


2:00 July 11, 2011: Electric Seine - Turkey Hollow Creek: About 3 miles west of Ginger Hill, Access in pasture alongside the bridge on Turkey Hollow Road. Very small stream. ___________________________________________________________________________


Gazetteer Page 27

9:00 July 12, 2011: Electric seine – PQC-13 – South Branch Kishwaukee River. South of DeKalb on Gurler Road at Bridge, approx. 2 miles west of Rt. 23. Steep access.


11:30 July 12, 2011: Electric seine – PQCL-03 – East Branch of South Fork Kishwaukee River. Sycamore Park District off East State Street (Route 64) on east side of Sycamore. Sample alongside golf course.


2:00 July 12, 2011: Boat – PQC-02 – South Branch Kishwaukee River, about 1 mile west of Sycamore at Route 64 Bridge, public pull-off alongside road. Rather difficult launch – winch may be needed.


Gazetteer Page 18-19

9:00 July 13, 2011: Electric seine – PQD-10 – Beaver Creek. Squaw Prairie Road Br. Crossing about 4 miles NW of Belvidere, access through field on NE side – gravel farm lane then through field.


11:30 July 13, 2011: Boat – PQ-09 - Kishwaukee River - Distillery Road. Boone County Conservation District canoe access at end of road.


2:00 July 13, 2011: Boat – PQ-14 - Kishwaukee River – Upstream of dam.


Gazetteer Page 18

9:00 July 14, 2011: Boat – PQ-12 – Kishwaukee River. Access in Kishwaukee Forest Preserve about 4 miles SW of Cherry Valley at Blackhawk Road X Mulford Road. Launch from low grassy bank in picnic area.


11:30 July 14, 2011: Boat – PQC-11 – South Br. Kishwaukee River. About 7 miles south of Cherry Valley on McNeal Road Bridge just east of County Line Road. Absent landowner (Trust).


Gazetteer Page 18

9:00 July 15, 2011: Boat – PQB-03 – Kilbuck Creek. About 4 miles south of Rockford and 1 mile west of Route 251 at Baxter Road, Kilbuck Bluffs Forest Preserve. Easy access at canoe launch or off grass.


11:30 July 15, 2011: Boat – PQB-06 – Kilbuck Creek. Located at bottom of Gazetteer Pg. 18, Mowers Road Bridge, just east of Interstate 39 and just north of Route 64. Exit on Route 64 from I39, go east and go north on Mulford Road 1 mile to Mowers Road, turn west to bridge. If water is low this could be Electric seine?

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Guest rich mc

thanks for posting it jude, the document would not open for me. as you may be able to tell monday is not on the kish but near the quad cities.

i have one guy for the tuesday kish in dekalb area. i will find out if they have room in the boats on thursday. rich

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Okay, help me out I'm stupid.

Let's say that I go to Kilbuck Bluffs on the 15th @ 9am to watch this boat sampling. Are they going to stay in one place and take samples,

or am I going to be running along the edge of the bank trying to watch this as they float down stream?

Just trying to figure out if I need a coffee cup with a top or can I go topless?

Help a brother out.

Welcome back Jude.


rich - Nice dog.

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