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Float Your Boat -6/18 8am

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There will be a Float Your Boat outing held at lake Shabbona for our members who live North and West.Meet at the launch ramp at 8:00am Saturday June 18th with your favorite boat for a chance to show your boat and check out what everyone else has there.There will of course be plenty of time for fishing.


Lets have a show of hands who is coming & who needs a boat to use/pair up. I'll be there with kayak. The bluegill should be shallow prespawn or on the nests. Fishing from shore is an option but if we know who is attending we can try to help each other find some fish.

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Four attended unless I missed any latecomers. I had a slow 1/2 day in my SOT kayak before connecting with three crappie. More action in Eugene's boat plus they were fishing after I left. Water was cloudy with silt but clearing, soon the bite should really kick in. Watched carp spawning in the southwest bay but didn't see any bass or bluegill nesting. Both should be going on, bass finishing & gills ramping up.How did you guys do Eugene?

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Guest rich mc

they had the bass open contest at lakeside today. bill ballenger took 1st with a 21"lm and his son 3rd witha 19incher . also a 23inch striper caught on chicken livers. that would have been fun on the fly ina kayak! photos up on shabbonalake.com rich

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Although we didnt catch the biggest fish today. We caught a boat load! The no motor zone was very dirty , but we caught crappie.

I kept cruising around hitting different areas. Settled on one of my favorite spots for a while. We were all catching fish for a while.

Then i decided to fish the damn till the end, my passengers didnt seem to mind. As we caught fish till 7:00pm, when i pulled the


I was able to have 2 flyfishers in the boat catching all day!!!!!!!!!! I had a blast!!!!!!!!!

Warmest surface temp was in the NMZ at 83 degrees.

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