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The ISA once again experienced a phenomenal volunteer effort from our members and officers in representing our club at America's Outdoor Show. We showcased our excitement for smallmouth bass fishing and had some incredible feedback and discussions with so many smallmouth anglers in IL. Jim Jozwiak was an iron man with all those seminars. The one I caught was spectacular.

I may not have seen a more professional week of representation from all of our volunteers than I witnessed here.

You guys rock.


I know, just the facts. Everyone loves a timely report with photos.

The photos tell the usual story, so the rest of ya can share your experience with a reply.




Let's start with a mini-clip of Joz in his seminar:


<embed width="600" height="361" type="application/x-shockwave-flash" allowfullscreen="true" allowscriptaccess="always" wmode="transparent" src="http://static.photobucket.com/player.swf?file=http://vid171.photobucket.com/albums/u289/Claymation_2007/Rosemont2011002.mp4">












Al Lindner tells his secret method for walleyes.

I take PayPal.





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The show was much larger than last year and the turn out seemed better as well. I worked Friday from 2:30-8:30 and all though we only signed up one person at the show, we had promises from several other people to sign up online. We had atleast one more person ready to sign up until they saw how we were processing credit cards, the gentleman was not comfortable with us taking an imprint of his card to be processed later.(Something to think about for future shows)


I think the kayak on display brought in a few people who wouldn't have stopped otherwise, it was a great talking point in regards to the Blowout. I liked how our booth was setup this year compared to last, we didn't have the table in front of us this year so it was much easier to engage people. Jim J's email regarding how to approach people at the show was very helpful as well.


On a side note, while I am used to being snubbed by some trout fisherman when approaching them regarding SM fishing, I was very surprised at the number of walleye fisherman that looked at me with total disgust when I mentioned SM fishing to them, with one person telling me they wouldn't fish for SM if it was the last fish on the planet. I guess they just don't know what they are missing!

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Eric has a good idea.


I also discussed with Mike that it may be a good idea for future shows to be able to demonstrate what our website has to offer. It would be a great visual to present to people and show them the calendar of events, the "hook up", and several of the other forums.


The back issues were a good idea...I was able to show potential members a sample of the outings and events. I was also able to present to them the possibility that if they enjoyed writing articles, ISA may publish their work to share with other members.


All in all we were able to sign up several new members and renew a few others.


I also think that if we have a list of accomplishments ISA has completed it would be another selling point to demonstrate the important conservation work that goes on. The yellow signs were helpful to talk about. Many people were interested in our message of conservation and protecting our waterways...I just don't think they know how to contribute. Many people seemed interested..at least some of the younger folks that I talked to did.


I also think that handing out the yellow cards to people who were just passing by was helpful. If they aren't interested in being a member, at least they have the conservation numbers to call....and who knows...maybe they'll join at a later date.


I was able to help out Sat. and Sunday. I haven't been to the show for several years. It wasn't what I remembered but it was a nice experience. Pat...thanks for the tip on parking....you saved me 8 bucks...I wish I parked by the cta Sat.


I also want to thank Rich Mc. You gave me advice a long time ago...you can go out of state on vacation but spending the time on your local waters is a better investment for your time........Stan also presented a similar message...."you might go on a vacation for 5-7 days on a fishing trip...but what do you do the other 350 days of the year...."


I think that it was a great show overall. Thank you to everyone who contributed and volunteered. Thanks also to those who tied the flies as well. Not many people chose them but I kept looking in them to see the various flies...they looked great!



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Thank you to all the members who spent time in the booth helping out.


I also think that if we have a list of accomplishments ISA has completed it would be another selling point to demonstrate the important conservation work that goes on.


We thought of that. The brochures you were handing out had a list of 15 of our better accomplishments.

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I've done video from the laptop at a couple of shows in the past.

I'm not certain that it would work at a show like Rosemont, but the first time at Tinley, it was a convincing success.

What I did was stand back and study every booth that had video, and observed people passing by and stopping.

That's golden....at that show, it was.

So I did it myself the next year.

Worked like a charm.


I'm sold now on the open booth concept.

Never bought into it before, but I'm seeing more opportunities with this.

Had to adjust my selling style, and it was way more productive this way.


After converting a few sales, what I noticed is that an approach on the values of belonging to the only smallmouth bass specific club in Illinois was the selling point for this crowd. I brought up conservation as an after-thought.

At other shows, I sold them with conservation.....you get a feel for it early.


Thanks again for all your hard work!

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