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America's Outdoor Show Volunteer Sign-Up

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America's Outdoor Show (Rosemont)


We need your help!

The ISA would like to have at least 2 volunteers working the booth at all times.


If you care to work multiple shifts or multiple days, please feel free

to click the appropriate time slots below to offer your services.


There is a training manual available in the booth if you have never volunteered before, so don't let inexperience discourage you from giving this a try!


SIGN UP TO VOLUNTEER: http://www.signupgen...com/go/americas




Event Website and Directions:s:http://www.americasoutdoorshow.com/

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Hey Mike, I used this sign-up feature a couple of days ago and I have heard nothing,,,,,,,,,,,,,Que Pasa ? GP

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I would prefer the afternoon shift on Friday, but would be availble for the evening shift if need be. Please let me know which shift would help the most.





Whichever works best for you, Tim.

We have nobody for the night as of yet, and an inexperienced volunteer for the afternoon.

Would probably be best to pair him with a seasoned veteran like yourself in the afternoon.



Thanks Tim!




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hey I'm good for Fri. afternoon.............


LOL...My first and only time I worked a show was this show last year. I worked it with Gordon...


Put me down for the afternoon with Gordon, 2-6pm would be fine. If need be, I will work longer or switch to the evening shift.


I hope we have the same wonderful booth placement as last year...lots of nice things to look at last time!

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I see that know one has signed up for the evening shift on Friday, I will work the long 2-9 shift.


I marked it on the sheet.


We still need more volunteers for alot of shifts! Please give a few hours if you can, it's a great chance to get a preview of the show if you plan on going back over the weekend. This years shows is supposed to be more than double the size of last years show! Although the bikini ice fishing team is not coming out for this one(they will be at the Rockford show in a few weeks)there should still be a ton of new and interesting things to look at.

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Thanks Tim.

I'm going to send another Email blast out to all of our members to try and fill some of those slots as well.

With no Fly Show this year, I've been hoping to get a good volunteer turnout for this one.

This is it- our best effort for the entire year to promote the club, maintain a strong membership base and network with others.

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