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annual kankakee river cleanup

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if anyone is interested the NIAA is hosting thier annual Kanlakee River cleanup on Saturday Sept 18. Zachary and I will be there representing the ISA and doing our best to take care of the 3 mile stretch of river the ISA adopted as part of the original Adopt A River program.

We will be at the concession stand between 8 and 830 am with a sign in sheet for ISA members. If you miss us please sign in as ISA members on the NIAA sign in sheet. Our stretch is Warner Bridge downstream for 3 miles which encompasses just about all of the state park from Warner Bridge downstream. However feel free to cover your favorite stretch.


The NIAA should have gloves, bags and patches and usually provides pop/water, chips and hot dogs to volunters.


I will have my standard load of bags/gloves that I carry all the time in my trunk.


If you can't make this see my next post about an opportunity on Sunday


edit to add it's at the Kankakee River State park


Also, once again if it comes down to this or the Hunting/Fishing event the following weekend please choose to help Mike with that one.

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I did it last year...I plan to be there again. Jim

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Thanks to Jim, Ted and Zach for assisting with this event. The area around Warner Bridge got an excellent cleaning by the four of us. Zach and I took care of the parking lots in our stretch after Jim and Ted had to go. We got about a dozen bags of trash and some large pieces of metal out of the river environs. We also got a broken lawn chair back out, one that I had removed earlier in the week that somehow made it's way back down.


The NIAA provided tee shirts, patches, hot dogs, chips, soda, water and garbage bags. Gloves and additional bags came from my trunk.


Edit to add, Zach and I replacedtwo ISA signs as well.

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I was recovering from a cold but managed to help out. It was good to get out and participate in the cleanup. The morning was perfect and the rain held off. I don't fish the Kankakee River but once or twice a year. It's a great river with a lot of scenery. I believe in the Adopt-a-River Program and what it represents. I think if we keep at it the program may take on a new life...I'll be out again next year. It was great talking to you Norm. I took your advice and used some larger rattle traps....guess what? I really do believe in Karma....I got out this afternoon and caught the biggest smallie I have ever landed from the Fox River! It wasn't a 20 incher but a nice fish overall! (Took some work to find 'em though.) As time goes on I hope the river continues to improve.

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