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ISA Member, Advanced Member and Lucas McCain???


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Cause I like the Rifleman


I don't know the answer to the other question.


Though I am changing my name to Bobby Bittman.



LOL Jim, I had to Google him to find out who he was. I assume you are referring to the TV show that stopped airing 12 years before I was born and not the band.

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I think he was referring to a band called Rifleman but I can see how a person of your advanced years might get confused. ;):lol: HA...


Actually there is a band called Lucas McCain. But I also was not aware of this until I Google'd it.


But who is Bobby Bittman?

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A character on a show called SCTV


Bobby Bittman was a character who played a comedian right out of the 60's and 70's. Sort of a Catskills kind.


One of the funniest shows ever done. Basically it was a satire of all TV shows. They made fun of news, comedies, soaps, movies. Basically any genre that was on TV. Their takeoff on Fantasy Island with John Candy playing Tattoo is really over the top.


Here is a list of the cast:


John Candy [series 1,2,4,5; guest 6]


Robin Duke [series 3]


Joe Flaherty [series 1-6]


John Hemphill [series 5,6]


Eugene Levy [series 1-6]


Andrea Martin [series 1-6]


Rick Moranis [series 3,4]


Catherine O'Hara [series 1,2,4; guest 5,6]


Harold Ramis [series 1,2; guest 5]


Tony Rosato [series 3]


Martin Short [series 5,6]


Dave Thomas [series 1-4; guest 6]


Mary Charlotte Wilcox [series 5,6]



Check this link to see who these actors impersonated.


The lists alone are funny.



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If anyone cares about the original question, here goes. These forums were not set up by us. If you venture around the internet, you'll see many forums with exactly the same layout. The terms the forum uses to classify anyone who registers as a member. It changes a bit depending on how many posts you have. The forums have no idea who the PAID ISA members are. I have the list of paid members and if I see someone who posts, I look them up to see if they are a paid member and manually change their title to ISA member. It does take some time to figure out who is and who isn't a paid member which is one of the reasons we require everyone to register using their real name. I'd never figure out who is who with only an alias or a nickname to go by.

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