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K 3 outing Sunday

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Unless there is rain twixt now and then should be wadeable if you don't try to move too quick and mind the faster flow due to the sedimentation. Fish have mostly been feeding up, topwaters, buzzbaits, etc. Rattlebaits, crankbaits, spinnerbaits and spinners. Best plastic lately has been a fluke, jigs/plastics not so much.

Little to no moss on the bottom, other than waterwillow not much emergent veggies. Faster water has been best, shade definitely helps.


Average numbers way down, numbers of huge fish down as well. 11 to 16 inches seems to be most prevelant range.

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We had a relatively low turnout for this event just Ed La Rocca,Chris Serafin and myself.Mike Clifford made an appearance but did not stay to fish.While the fishing was very slow Norm took us under his wing and gave us an advanced course on how to fish the Kankakee river.I know that I can speak for both Ed and Chris in expressing our thanks to Norm.He was beyond gracious in sharing his knowledge of the Kankakee river


Ed B

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