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The Future of Food

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Another one of those threads that will get few views and fewer responses, but it highlights some things that are happening right under our noses right here in Illinois.


There is more to factory farms and Big Ag than meets the eye.


I read every article and watched most videos through the links (a must-see on YouTube is Food, INC).

Don't expect you to do the same, but it is worth a few minutes of your time to browse.




Sustainable agriculture takes many forms, but at its core is a rejection of the industrial approach to food production developed during the 20thcentury.


This system, with its reliance on monoculture, mechanization, chemical pesticides and fertilizers, biotechnology, and government subsidies,has made food abundant and affordable. However, the ecological and social price has been steep: erosion; depleted and contaminated soil and water resources; loss of biodiversity; deforestation; labor abuses;and the decline of the family farm.

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I for one like your environmental stuff since it is a great break from "who caught how many." (Did you ever notice that the pictures all look the same-same guy, same fish? :) )Your stuff reminds us of the price we pay for snacking off the dollar menu on the way to the river. There is more to life. BTW have you heard what they are saying about atrazine lately. EPA is reevaluating it. MN is doing its own study. Just a sample:


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Another great documentary is 'The world according to Monsanto'


It changed my views on GMO and buying organic milk.....

What's with the ads lately on the radio?

A woman telling us all about family farms and farming in general with the requisite background music tugging the heart-strings.

Then at the end, the statement "Brought to you by Monsanto".


Just couldn't figure out what the point of the ad is, exactly.

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